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September 2007



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      I enjoyed the British Sieger, it was a good venue with plenty of parking. We took our own food so I cannot comment on the catering. Attendance at the event was good, both inside and outside the ring. Plaudits should go to everyone involved in the organisation of the event. The addition of adult working classes next year should make it even more interesting. Many congratulations to Julie and Tom Bridge with Astana Alfons becoming British Sieger. We were stood next to Tom and he explained that Alfons was called out by the judge at the Sieger Show in Germany and given special mention for his excellent bite work. I heard him being mentioned at the Show, but not having the benefit of a Brian Wootton sitting next to me, all I knew was it had something to do with his protection work, so now I know, thank you. Also many   congratulations to Carol Eastwood and Alyson Reilly with Antilli Xambi adding British Siegerin to her Irish title. We first met Carol after we used Marto v Trienzbachtal , she had used him also and we were both showing bitches by him. It is pleasing when you have quality dogs winning owned by unassuming quality people. 1st in MPF was Robinson’s Corjon Otty , I mention her because the saying that a German Shepherd should look as though it is carved out of one piece of wood aptly describes her, she is a one-piece female. At the British Sieger last year the judge described several bitches as V plus, the judge this year also thought up a different grading he referred to the 1st in Youth Male Jackson & Rice’s Conadrew Lesko as Extraordinarily Good.  In Puppy Male 5th VP Hiscox & Vessey’s Zumander Bacchus (Pakros x a Larus daughter). We were in two minds about entering him as he looks raw for his age, but he has to start somewhere and he needs the practice. 8th VP Bassett & Yates & Roxburgh’s Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble. 1st P Kirwan’s Kalbeshan Quant at Gollygobble. These two litter brothers are by Quantum out of an Esko daughter. Their litter sister Kalbeshan Quisqa at Gollygobble was 7th VP in Puppy Female.  Youth Female 3rd SG Dodds Ardenburg Allegra, a Pakros daughter. 1st G Green & Tolputt’s Devat Carin, a Videx Omar at Devat daughter.  Young Males 9th SG Aldridge’s Figo v Amulree, a Zamp son.  Young Females 1st SG Cullen & Scheerer’s Veneze Bree, by Orbit out of John and Pauline’s Ch. Flexy, an Esko daughter. 8th SG Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. 12th SG Aldridge’s Edser Estella.  Adult Males V4 Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor, an Esto van Noort son out of Niamh, a daughter by their French import Nielsen du Normont.  He was pulled out third after the individual, Rob and Margaret were in France for the French Sieger so they missed watching his achievement. V13 Pearson’s Voneche Edition, Angela was really chuffed with Eddy’s V rating. He hurt his back a while ago and had been having treatment for it. I believe this was his first outing since his recovery. Andy had been left at home doing some work on the house, so he was another one to miss his dog’s performance. V13 Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. SG1 Julian’s Ch. Zuberg Lyric JW. Adult Females V7 Apps Zeline v Luttersbrauch. V15 Cullen’s Veneze Ali.

      Emma Hensley has returned to the South West bringing with her Fahra v Amulree, a Zamp daughter. Her litter brother Figo is here also with the Aldridges.

      I met Carol Black at the German Sieger, there have been rumblings for a while now concerning hip scores of dogs exported to Australia and New Zealand. So I asked her if it was true that to be exported to those countries the Norberg Angle must have no more than a score of three each side. Carol verified it for me.

      At the South Western GSD Club Champ. Show under judge Mr. J.D.Mclain. 2nd PD Hensley’s Zuberg Tarek. 3rd SpYD Green & Swift’s Janos Bauerhaus. 3rd PGD Green & Swift’s Monksley Amilo. 3rd LD Crouch’s Lindella’s La Bada of Chalita. 4th LD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 5th OD Julian’s Ch. Zuberg Lyric. 3rd VD Cooper’s Clokelly Giacomo at Leroaine. 1st PB Robert’s Silverleigh Qshelley of Komodo. 4th JB Shepherd’s Lararth Dubonnet. 4th VB Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika.

      Well done to two of our young handlers, Marina Jane Julian and Nathan Bowen who were delighted when their Lararth Sonny went BOB and Group 2 at Salisbury & S Wilts CS. 

          At the Welsh KC under judge Shirley Jackson, congratulations to John and Pauline on Zenno gaining the DCC.  2nd PGD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd LD Crouch’s Lindella’s La Bada of Chalita. 1st OD&DCC Cullen’s Zenno v Huhnegrab. 3rd PB&3rd NB Robert’s Silverleigh Qshelley of Komodo. 1st JB Binden & Cullen’s Veneze Brigid. 1st NB Cullen’s Veneze Bel.

      On to City of Birmingham which was on the weekend of the Sieger Show. Under judge Beryl Budd 2nd GD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 2nd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd OD&2nd VD Cooper’s Clokelly Giacomo at Leroaine. 3rd PB Robert’s Silverleigh Qshelley of Komodo. 1st JB Shepherd’s Lararth Dubonnet. 1st LB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine.

      We sold a bitch puppy to a couple in Southern Ireland, they have farms over there and live down a quiet lane. They had her for about a month when Dennis received a heart sinking phone call from Marie, who usually took the puppy everywhere with her. She had to go out without her and left her in a fenced area for about half an hour, when she returned the bitch puppy had gone. She feared she had been stolen, but there was a car left in the yard with keys in the ignition and they concluded that if the puppy had been stolen the car probably would have been as well. They could not find any holes in the fence she could have escaped through. They were distraught. Dennis told us and we immediately e-mailed the Tattoo Register with details in case anyone contacted them. When a dog goes missing the imagination goes into overdrive. The couple searched for her and contacted their local Dog Warden, sending photos of the bitch they had taken the day before she went missing. The bitch was looking up into the camera and the tattoo could be seen in the ear. She was found by the Dog Warden at a Traveller’s site a week after her disappearance identified by the photos and the tattoo in her ear. What a relief!  Fortunately she has a sound character and her adventure did not seem to affect her unduly: she is now being spoilt by her owners and will be able to do no wrong for a while.

      Congratulations to Margaret, Rob and Mike on Esto gaining the RCC at the GSD Club of Wales. Other results under dog judge Wayne Vessey. 3rd PD Bassett & Yates & Roxburgh’s Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble. 4th YD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 5th YD Aldridge’s Figo v Amulree. 2nd PGD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 1st LD & RCC Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd OD Ward’s Onyx v Estherlager. Under bitch judge Sharon Bowen. 3rd MPB Aldridge’s Edser Elvina. 4th Meaton’s Moonwinds Diva. 3rd PB Bassett & Yates & Roxburgh Kalbeshan Quisqa  at Gollygobble. 4th PB Roberts Silverleigh Qshelley of Komodo. 4th JB Minhinett’s Jaxsungate Babita. 2nd YB Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. 5th YB Aldridge’s Edser Estella. 6th YB Bassett & Yates & Roxburgh’s Catja Della Real Favorita, a Naxos v Holtkamper See daughter. 2nd PGB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd LB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 6th LB Phillips & Summers Gwilyms Dallas. 2nd OB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi.

      It was good to see the Kirschental Kennel to the fore at the Sieger Show. When we used Wilko his offspring had superb confidant characters, they were sound, free movers and well constructed with hard and naturally dry constitutions, but their coats could have been better. The bitch we kept had a high prey drive, was hard as nails, but very biddable. We were novices to showing and were advised by people we thought at the time were knowledgeable, not to show the bitch we kept as, though she was black and a very rich gold, she lacked furnishings and would do nothing in the show ring. So we did not show her. She was breed surveyed Class one by Percy Elliott who commented on her very good construction.

      At Clyde Valley Champ. Show under judge Ryan Rambridge 2nd PD Hiscox & Vessey’s Zumander Bacchus.

      Shows in the area, the GSD Club of Devon Open Show on Saturday 27th October at their Hennock training ground, judge Sally Gunner. The Heads of the Valleys GSD Club Open Show is on Sunday 9th December.

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