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September 2004



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      At the Southern Counties show the South Western Champ Show schedules were being handed out. Several of us from the South West were debating going. We are still members and felt we ought to support the club. Also it is the only Breed Club in the South West and South Wales to hold a Champ. Show this year. Ann Swift said she would handle our dogs if we went as she lives near the venue, so we did. It was a super venue a few miles from the M4 motorway at Lackham Countryside Centre, Lacock, Wiltshire, and a good atmosphere. Dog judge was Margaret Crispin. 1st MPD Collins, Rambridge & Sygroveís Tramella Arni. 1st PD&BPD Julianís Zuberg Lyric. 3rd SpYD Irvingís Zuberg Kaiser. 3rd PGD Hiscoxís Jaquenetta Bonneville. 2nd OD Cullenís Zenno v Huhnegrab. Bitch judge was Jim Parody. 1st PB Hensleyís Zuberg Lotti. 4th PB Lewisí Morrow Akuna. 3rd PGB Roberts Mortoff Roma of Komodo. 3rd OB Cullenís Veneze Heavenly Hebe. 1st VB Hensleyís Voneche Sashka of Zuberg. There were some nice friendly touches at this show, like when some committee members brought round trays of cold drinks for the exhibitors. Much appreciated on such a hot day.

      Ivor Jacobson e-mailed to say he is on the mend after dislocating his shoulder at the SWW&PB open show. He asked me to mention that one of his puppies Lindmark Zola owned by Myra Worall was 1st & Best Puppy, 1st & Best Bitch & BIS at The Cornish Countryman Fair exemption show. BPIB & 1st G under judge Fern Sargent at the North Devon Canine Society Show.

      Congratulations to John and Pauline Cullen on their latest German bitch Flexy v Huhnegrab (Esko v Danischen Hof x Kimba v Huhnegrab) gaining V5 at the Belgium Sieger Show.

      Results from the Vale of Glamorgan show on Wednesday 18th August, judge Jean Hiscox. Many thanks to all those who entered and made the total 31 dogs.1st P&BPIB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Bianka. 2nd P Lewisí Morrow Akuna. 3rd P Palmer & Lavisí Remlap Exulted. 4th P Lavisí Remlap Maxamillion. 1st N&BOB Jackson & Adamsonís Peterwell Quantum Leap. 1st G Morrisí Broncherwyn Larni. 2nd G Adamson, Phillips & Meatonís Moonwinds Fenza. 3rd G Ganderís Velvet Dream Knight. 1st OD Evanís & Summersí Anntrefs Edison. 2nd OD Crouchís Lindellaís La Bada of Chalita. 3rd OD Ganderís Velvet Dream Knight. 1st OB Robertís Mortoff Roma of Komodo 2nd OB Palmer & Lavisí Remlap Haus vom Kimnark.

      At the Welsh  K.C. Champ. Show the following weekend under judge Tony Stanbra. 2nd MPD Daviesí Silverleigh Marfyn. 3rd JD Julianís Zuberg Lyric. 2nd GD Hensleyís Zuberg Kaiser. 4th PGD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica. 2nd LD Swiftís Copybush Declan. 3rd OD Green & Tolputtís Videx Omar at Devat. 1st MPB&BPB&BPIB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Bianka. Well done Barbara and Norman. 5th PB Coltonís Fernspot Shuni. 4th JB Hensleyís Zuberg Lotti. 1st NB Meatonís Moonwinds Fygi. 1st GB Daviesí Silverleigh Niamh. 3rd GB Robertís Mortoff Roma of Komodo. 2nd PGB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Angie. 4th PGB Robertís Mortoff Roma of Komodo.

      Shows in our area South Western GSD Club Open Show on 25th September at Wincanton Racecourse. South West W&P Breeds Open Show on 16th October. GSDC of Devon on 30th October. Any news missed out this time will include next month as sent it off early before the Sieger Show.


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