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October 2005



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      Congratulations to John and Pauline Cullen on Flexy becoming a Champion, and also to Sarah Julian on Zuberg Lyric JW gaining his second CC.

      Dave Edmunds rang to let me know the results of the trials at Severnside. Dave passed the BH with his dog Pepnick Hocus Pocus ( Spike) and his bitch Pepnick Half Penny (Milly). John Clark also passed with Pepnick High Spirit. Rod Dunn qualified SchH2 with Pepnick Hard Line.

      Pepsi qualified SchH1 the day before Wayne and Peter collected her from Germany. Jeff Phillips Gwilym’s Texas is qualified SchH1 and her daughter Gwilym’s Duffy was exhibited at the Sieger Show handled by Dean Summers.

      Glynis Appleby e-mailed through that she, Ann Swift and Emma Hensley have put together a CD of over 170 photos from the Sieger show in Ulm obtainable from Glynis   tel. 01633 272508 or email mail@copybush.com at a cost of £10:00

City of Birmingham Ch Show - Judge Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews 1st LD & DCC Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW

Clyde Valley GSD Club – Judge Dogs Helen Bibby 3rd LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW, Judge Bitchs Dennis Bibby 1st PB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 4th OB Cullen’s Flexy vom Huhnegrab.

Belfast DSS Ch Show – Judge Mr Victor McGuigan 2nd LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW, 4th OD Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat, 2nd PB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 4th PGB Davies & Wilkins Eyanika Blanka, 1st LB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi, 4th LB Davies Silverleigh Niamh, 2nd OB & RBCC Cullen’s Flexy vom Huhnegrab.

GSD Club of Northern Ireland – Judge Mr Josef Rolli 1st LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW, 2nd LD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica, 3rd OD Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat, 1st PB & BPB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 3rd YB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Blanka, 2nd LB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi, 3rd LB Davies Silverleigh Niamh, 2nd OB Cullen;s Flexy vom Huhnegrab.

      Our older dogs are fed on a variety of raw meat, tripe and fish, with their biscuit. Puppies I always feed on beef, but for some reason there has been a shortage of beef for pet food over the summer months. The lady that brings my pet food breeds Bassett Hounds and feeds them on the same diet. She has tried to get some beef as she also breeds cats and feeds the kittens on it. The other morning I had a phone call from her as she knew we had puppies due with Pepsi living with us, and she had managed to get hold of five boxes of beef, did I want one? It reminded me of Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army when he got hold of some illicit meat or meat products and rationed it out to his customers.


      The following extract from the WUSV meeting after the Sieger Show this year was taken with permission from Bobby Duff’s excellent Sieger Show Revue 2005 on his website www.germanshepherdforum.com


      Undoubtedly the most contentious item on the agenda prior to the meeting was the WUSV Board resolutions.  When the matter was raised in the agenda order there was no negativity or hostility to the item.


The wording of the resolution was:


1. That all WUSV member clubs hold national Sieger shows each year.

2. And that all dogs presented in the working dog classes at Sieger Shows have to pass a working dog test.

Of the 76 member clubs affiliated to the WUSV and eligible to vote, a majority of 45 responded. This is over 60% and therefore provided the management board with the authority to proceed with the matters in the resolution.

97% of respondent clubs hold an annual Sieger Show.  89% of these give the “V-A” rating.

82% have set pre-conditions for awarding “V-A” title.

71% have requirements for courage (TSB) testing at their shows. All Sieger Shows have compulsory hip status requirements. While about 40% have requirements for elbows, with a lesser amount requiring DNA testing.

The explanation of the exact requirements is as follows.

This protection work must be according to the guidelines of the so-called “Korschutzdienst” (the same test as that of the Breed Survey) as practiced in Germany.

The show rating “V-Auslese” (VA) can only be granted if this protection work has been passed successfully. The judging of the protection work has to be done by an SV judge or a recognised SV foreign judge. Dogs entered for these tests must have a minimum of SchH1 or a comparable IPO.1 degree. There will be no immediate need for a change to the requirements necessary for the awarding of “V” Excellent grades.

This resolution was promoted as a recommendation up until the end of 2007 and as an established rule from the year 2008 onwards.

Another aspect of the resolution was, that it will be obligatory to prove the “a” stamp for “V-A” from the year 2008 onwards.  Until that time it will be recommended, also recommended are ratings from “Normal” to “noch zuglassen” for the elbows (ED). Also included in these requirements shall be mandatory DNA testing.

The above proposed resolution of the SV Management Board was passed with almost unanimous approval with only one country asking to have their position recorded as “abstaining”.

The WUSV programme for the training of working judges continues with a structured framework. Herr Diegel, the WUSV Oberrichter for the working programmes emphasized that the outcome of this programme would increase co-operation between clubs around the world and help members to understand and develop all aspects of the performance sport.

A resolution aimed at confirming the WUSV’s acceptance and endorsement of French civil law pertaining to the use of electric training collars at the forthcoming WUSV championships in Haugenau was unanimously approved.  It is forbidden for any dog handler in the precincts of the trial or indeed anywhere including outside of the environs of the various aspects of the competition to use electric training collars.


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