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October 2004



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      Rose and Harry enjoyed their swan song so much they are considering repeating it next year. I had a lovely time at the Sieger Show, but I lost my watch. It is all metal and the buckle must have come undone I think while I was in the wooded area where the progeny parades were lining up, and I did not here it fall. It is over thirty years old and it cost me two weeks wages at the time, so I suppose it is about time I bought a new one.

      Around the shows, at the SKC judge David Bowen, 1st MPD&BPD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 1st JD&RCC Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 1st PGD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre at Edser. 3rd PB Colton’s Fenspot Shuni. 2nd JB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd OB Hensley’s Voneche Saskia of Zuberg.

      City of Birmingham Ch. Show, judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter,1st MPD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 2nd MPD Cullen’s Veneze Zeko. 3rd MPD Davies’ Silverleigh Marfyn. 1st JD Julian.s Zuberg Lyric, 4th GD Irving’s Zuberg Kaiser. 5th GD Hiscox’s Jaquenetta Bonneville. 2nd LD Jacobson & Hutchinson’s Lindmark Lexus at Mascani. 1st MPB Cullen’s Veneze Zeta. 4th MPB Green’s Grunbruders Candy. 4th JB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 1st GB&RCC Davies’ Silverleigh Niamh (Well done Margaret and Rob). 2nd GB Keen’s Clokelly’s Laurena. 3rd GB Adamson, Phillips & Meaton’s Moonwinds Fenza. 4th OB Cullen’s Ch. Inga v Messina. At this show there was a KCGC Dog Scheme ring offering exhibitors the opportunity to take part in the Bronze Award Certificate. After her class in the show ring, Jo Lewis entered her puppy bitch Ji (Morrow Akuna) for the Bronze. Jo said she passed with flying colours and she was so proud of her. No mean achievement taking the test in a strange place with people and other dogs she had never met around her, a credit to the breed. She is now going on to do the silver and gold. We need to show the general public that the GSD can be a calm confident dog in company, and get back the respect people had for the breed as a reliable character. We entered a general show with our young dog, the judge noting he was the International type spent several minutes going all over him handling him everywhere. I can only assume he had listened to the rumours about the character of some of this type and was trying to prove them right, but he failed as the dog is sound. At another show the same judge came up to the dog and patted him on the head, perhaps he wanted to see if he behaved the same outside of the ring as he did inside!

      At Richmond, judge Mr. M. Robinson. 1st JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric.

      Westbury & District CS, judge Mr. E. Crouch. 1st JD/B&BOB Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 3rd GD/B Green’s Caeman Luke. 1st OD/B Swift’s Copybush Declan.

      Belfast DSS Champ. Show, judge Judith Knox. 2nd JB&2nd GB Bickford’s Ponway Hylite vom Psuedemore.

      Thanks to Mark Collins for telephoning through the South West placings at the GSDC of Wales open show, judge Paul Doyle.1st MPD Richards’ Romainville Vincent von Jadema.1st PD&BPD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 3rd PD Green’s Grunbruders Brutusceaser.  2nd JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 4th JD Green’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders. 2nd SpYD Jacobson’s Kenemal Dino at Lindmark. 2nd PGD Butler & Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 2nd OD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre at Edser. 1st MPB Cullen’s Veneze Zeta. 2nd PB Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne. 2nd SpYB Meaton’s Moonwinds Fygi. 3rd SpYB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 1st PGB Adamson, Phillips& Meaton’s Moonwinds Fenza. 3rd PGB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna. 4th PGB Keen’s Bohlkenbridge Inga from Clokellys. 1st OB Keen’s Clokellys Cristina.

       Shows in our area, the GSDC of Devon on the 30th of October, judge Nikki Farley.


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