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November 2006



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      I had an e-mail from Laurie Busby as follows. A few of us who are involved with GSD 2000 charity and rescue, have decided to try and put together regular WT training and are working on trying to talk some experts into assisting. We plan to meet once a month (various venues available around Okehampton/Cheriton Bishop), charge around £5 per session for a morning and give the proceeds to GSD 2000. We have been assisted so far by Paul Dodds (ex top met police dog handler) but he cannot commit to a regular programme. I have always had a "working" bias for our breed and personally see the AD and BH as at least a start. If anyone is interested in helping or becoming part of the group which is at inception stage, then they can email me laurie.busby@btinternet.com or telephone 01837-851302 and I can keep them informed as to what is happening.

      The latest male import in the area is Onyx v Estherlager, a Ghandi v Arlett son brought in by John and Gill.

      At the VPG Trial held by BAGSD Cornwell Linzi and Richard Morgan’s Belezra Kelci qualified SchH1. John and Gill Ward’s Belezra Jett qualified SchH1.

      Jo Lewis’s homebred 8mths old puppy Kynie (Maewyns Abaca) passed the. KCGCS bronze, and her litter sister Jet (Maewyns Ashka) owned by Matt and Linda Towill also passed the KCGCS bronze.

      Keith and Paula Butler’s Ziggy  (Jaquenetta Ziglione) at just 10mths old came 10th out of 50 entries in Novice at her second show, a Championship Obedience Show.

      Globetrotters Larry and Anna visited the Romania Sieger Show. They have bought a bitch Catja della Real Favorita from over there and went to watch her being shown. She gained FP2. Before they left for their trip we spent an enjoyable afternoon watching their litter of ten puppies by Ch. Benny, and seeing if we all agreed on the picks of litter. In a few weeks their litter of ten by Quantum will be the right age for watching, which I am really looking forward to as the dam is an Esko daughter making the breeding lines similar to those of Zamp. Pepsi has been scanned and is in whelp by Pakros, so hopefully we will be able to do some puppy watching of our own.

      At Liskeard  & District, judge Geoff Barlow, 1st MPD&BPD&BD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Maclaren at Jutone. 2nd MPD Gill’s Stryvya Barron. 3rd MPD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 1st PGD Houle’s Belezra Manolo at Auriga. 1st OD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 1st MPB Aldridge’s Edser Eliska. 2nd MPB Tucker’s Romainville Morietta. 3rd MPB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 1st PB&BPB&BPIB&BB&BOB. Cooper’s Usharrgo Malan. 2nd PB Morgan & Ward’s Astana Callie del Belezra. 3rd PB Aldridge’s Edser Estella. 1st JB Tucker’s Jutone In The Buff. 1st PGB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian. 2nd PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroiane. 3rd PGB Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 1st OB Apps’s Xeline v Luttersbruch. 2nd OB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 3rd OB Houle’s Belezra Geena of Auriga.

      At SWW&PB, judge Joanne Cathie, 2nd PD Gill’s Stryvya Barron. 3rd PD Cullen’s Veneze Basco.1st SpYD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 2nd SpYD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd SpYD Roe’s Graybeck Eiko.1st PGD Green & Swift’s Monksley Amilo. 2nd PGD Houle’s Belezra Manolo at Auriga. 1st VD/B&BD Cooper’s Clokellys Giacomo at Leroaine. 2nd Shepherd’s Lindmark Leika at Blitzenheim. 1st PB&BPIB Cooper’s Usharrgo Malan. 4th PB Aldridge’s Edser Eliska. 2nd SpYB Cullen’s Veneze Betty. 4th SpYB Tucker’s Jutone In The Buff. 2nd PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 3rd PGB Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 4th PGB Green’s Grunbruders Darcie. 1st OB App’s Xeline v Luttersbruch. 2nd OB Houle’s Belezra Geena of Auriga.

      I wanted to pass all the BC/KC exams for judges before age and alcohol took their toll on the few remaining brain cells I have left in operation. (Talking about brain cells, the other day I heard this rather good insult, “Why don’t you use all your brain cells together instead of lining them up and using them one at a time?”)  I had the assessment part of the BC exam and the KC regs.& judging procedures seminar and exam left to do. I hoped a GSD Club in the area would hold one, but time was getting on and none of them did, so I booked a place with Minehead & DCS and took it there with people from other breeds. The trainer introduced herself and told us what she would be covering in the seminar and then asked if there were any questions. Someone asked the question “What does double handling mean?” I wondered if the KC trainer would have a down on G.S.D.s and I would have to defend my breed? Not a good beginning. The KC trainer a very, very, nice woman answered that it meant attraction of an exhibit from outside of the ring. It could be done openly with dog toys, whistles, shouting, and so on as is often seen when German Shepherd’s are being judged (fair comment); or much more subtly when it is difficult to identify, it could be someone eating a bag of crisps or having another dog with them. But inside the ring attraction, which is permissible, could be annoying. There was a certain dog owner who would bait her dog in the ring until they were stood in the line up ready for the judge to take a last look before pulling out her winners. She would position her dog at the front, toss the bait up and backwards so her dog had his head up alert and the rest of the line up were looking behind to see where the bait had gone. She told us of several tricks exhibitors use to gain the advantage with their dogs in the ring. Then she went on to say about exhibitors brushing and combing their dogs while being judged, which is also permissible. By the time she had finished people had forgotten what the original question had been. It was an interesting day and although we were all nervous there was a lot of good-humoured banter, luckily I must have had all my brain cells working together, as when the results arrived a couple of days later I had passed with 98%.

      At GSDC of Devon judge Jimmy Adamson. 2nd MPD&1st PD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 2nd JD Busby’s Antilli Ando. 2nd SpYD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd SpYD Cooper’s Maxsamben Kooper at Leroaine. 1st PGD&BD Butler & Pearson’s Voneche Edition. 1st OD Cooper’s Clokellys Giacomo at Leroaine. 3rd MPB&1st PB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 2nd PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 3rd PGB Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 2nd OB Busby’s Bohlkenbridge Inga from Clokellys.

      I read the part in Graham’s article about his opinion on high drive dogs with interest. About twenty years ago we had a high prey drive black and grey bitch, she was linebred to Marko v Cellerland and Busecker Schloss dogs. We mated her to a dog with all show lines including Ch Druidswood Consort, Ch Delridge Erhard, and Ch Ramacon Swashbuckler. She produced two long coat males, Jaquenetta Cotton Jon, who went on to write for the Nat. Mag. under the name CoJo Jarmin-Shepherd and Jaquenetta Calico Joe, C J who we donated to the Police. C J’s forte was to disarm a man with a gun at Police demonstrations, then his handler would take him to meet the audience afterwards, especially the children, when he would lie on his back for them to tickle his tummy. The first time his handler did this his colleagues were in trepidation as C J was such a tough dog in training and however hard they pushed him he would not back down from any challenge, but his handler knew he had a sound confident character and could trust him to assess a situation and act accordingly. Today, as well as the show dogs, we have Jaquenetta Dark Defender and his sister Jaquenetta Dark Design with German show lines, Seigers, Vice Siegers and VAs combined with Kirschental and Busecker Schloss lines, whose characters and drive remind me of C J.

      At Allertonshire GSDC Open Show under judge Heather Macdonald. 1st PB Baker & Atherton’s Zumander Atia.

      Thanks to the exhibitors who have given me an entry for Stroud & District on November 12th. My next show after that is Plymouth & District on 10th February there are 4 dog classes and 4 bitch classes. I am looking forward to this show as the last 5 shows I have judged have only had separate sexes in the open classes.

      Heads of the Valley Open Show is on December 3rd .Dog judge Joan Jones and bitch judge John Cullen.

      Just as I was finishing typing these notes I had a telephone call at 8.30 p.m. on Saturday from a desperate Bridgwater & District CS Chief Steward asking if I was available to steward for him the next day at their show to get him out of a hole. I felt obliged to say yes even though they have no classes for G.S.D.s and I have to spend the day with a variety of other breeds.



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