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March 2009



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      I came across this the other day and thought I would share it.                     



Oh give me your pity I’m on a Committee,

Which means that from morning to night.

We attend and amend and contend and defend,

Without a conclusion in sight.

We confer and demur and defer then concur,

And reiterate all of our thoughts.

We review the agenda with frequent addenda,

And consider a load of reports.

We suppose and compose and propose - then oppose,

And the points of procedure are fun.

But through various notions

which we bring up as motions,

There’s terribly little gets done!


      I agree with Sheila’s comments regarding the name Alsatian. The other night on the television programme QI Alan Davies was recounting a story about his Alsatian. I was listening to a poetry programme on the radio and one poem contained the line ‘like a hungry Alsatian howling for his food.’ The Local Radio news reported that two Alsatians were running loose in a shopping centre. It seems the majority of the mentions on television, radio, and in literature, refer to Alsatian and not German Shepherd; which is why if the breed were to split it could be advantageous to the side that kept the name Alsatian as it is already established in the Public psyche.

      I was so pleased when Denise and Emma rang and told me Bacchus (Pakros x Pepsi) had mated a bitch, and that she was in whelp. That was his last hurdle. A puppy is born and from then on it seems to be a series of hurdles to get over. First is after the first solid meal, making sure the bowels are functioning properly, that food goes in one end and comes out the other in a nicely formed stool with no problems. Next that the ears come up, Bacchus’s were up at eight weeks and stayed up, saving a lot of worry. Also in a male that two testicles are descended, and tested for haemophilia. Then that the adult teeth come through correctly. After a year old hips and elbows are tested. After eighteen months the breed survey. A mating, proved fertile and the process starts again with the next puppy.

      I did not attend Crufts so I cannot comment on the goings on that I have heard about. Congratulations to John and Pauline on Veneze Chaos going BPIB. 1st SpPD Cullen’s Veneze Connor. 1st SpJD Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. 2nd SpJD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 3rd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd GCD Lararth Sonny. 1st SpPB&BPIB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos. 2nd LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Keifa. 2nd OB Davies Silverleigh Niamh. 1st VB Tucker’s Jutones Lisa at Chrisinge. 4th VB Hensleys Zuberg Deenika.

      Our sympathies and thoughts are with Mark Collins on hearing the sad news of the death of his mother. She used to attend shows with Mark until she became too ill to do so. She was an enthusiastic supporter of the German Shepherd and very proud of their Lasso son Kalbeshan Sirus who gained a RCC.



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