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March 2007



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We went down Larry and Anna’s to take some photos of the dogs, and this is the only decent picture of a male we managed.


Larry Yates in a natural stance.


      Upper medium size strong male of harmonious proportions. Good head with alert expression and dark eye. Sound character with very good attitude. Sound both ways, (at least until after the first bottle). Tends to fall on the forehand after a while which  restricts the front reach somewhat. Overall a very good specimen full of type.

      At Preston & Fylde GSDC Champ. Show, dog judge Danny Wilson. 3rd PD Cullen’s Veneze Basco. 3rd PGD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd LD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 3rd OD Julian’s CH Zuberg Lyric JW. Bitch judge John Ward. 2nd PB Cullen’s Veneze Bree. 4th PB Aldridge’s Edser Estella.

      At Plymouth & DCS the weather was atrocious and I thank the exhibitors for braving the elements to give me an entry of quality dogs to judge, and my steward Joe Richards for his valiant efforts endeavouring to keep everything protected from the rain, except me. 1st PD Cullen’s Veneze Basco. 2nd Gill’s Stryvya Barron. 1st SpYD Minhinett & Cross’s Romainville Charlie. 2nd Bond’s Janos Bauernhas. 3rd SpYD Busby & 0’Brien-Busby’s Antilli Ando.  4th SpYD Bennetts’s Tramella Garcia. 1st GD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 2nd GD Irving’s Bodanthor Omega Force. 3rd GD Morris’s Gollygobble Godwyn. 1st OD & BD & BOB Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 2nd OD Irving’s Zberg Kaiser. 3rd OD Collins,Rambridge&Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 1st PB&BP Cullen’s Veneze Bree. 2nd PB Aldridge’s Edser Estella. 3rd PB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 4th PB Aldridge’s Edser Eliska. 1st SpYB Cooper’s Usharrgo Malan. 2nd SpYB Roxburgh & Yates Gollygobble Chica. 3rd SpYB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 4th SpYB Morris’s Garavic Bailey. 1st GB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian. 2nd GB Morgan & Ward’s Astana Callie del Belezra. 1st OB & BB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 2nd OB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna von Usharrgo. 3rd Busby’s Bohlkenbridge Inga from Clokellys.


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