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June 2008



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      Well done to Keith and Paula Butler with Jaquenetta Ziglione (Ziggy) gaining 6th place and a rosette out of an entry of 42 at Hampton DTC Obedience Show, under judge Val Kelsey. There was only 1 point between 2nd and 6th place. Ziggy was joint 5th and had to do a run off for 5th and 6th placings. Paula, who handles Ziggy, decided as it was such a hot day and she was very pleased with the performance Ziggy had already put in, she would withdraw from the run off and be satisfied with 6th place; as the first six dogs are critiqued. A couple of weeks later at Findon Downs DTC Open obedience Show she gained 4th place.

      Reading the article on ticks reminded me of an incident a few years ago. I was visiting a neighbour and I was making a fuss of his dog when I noticed he had a little lump on his neck. On investigation I found it was a tick and pointed it out to him. He told me the dog was always getting those little lumps, he thought they were warts as after a while they would disappear. I informed him they were ticks and could endanger the health of the dog, especially as it looked like a deer tick. I asked if he had any Surgical Spirit to douse the tick with? He didn’t. Vaseline to spread over it to suffocate it? He didn’t. He managed to procure some from another neighbour. I covered the tick, left it for a while, then plucked the complete tick off the dog with tweezers. It is important that the head of the tick is still attached to the body when it is removed, so that the whole tick is removed cleanly.

      At SWW&PBA open show under judge Wendy Middleton. 1st MPD & BPD & BPIB Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. 2nd MPD Tucker’s Jutone Arturo. 1st SpYD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutone. 2nd SpYD Bassett & Yates & Roxburgh’s Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble. 1st PGD Gill’s Stryvya Barron. 2nd PGD Morris’ Gollygobble Godwyn. 3rd PGD Stevens’ Kesyra Lorenzo. 1st OD & BD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 1st MPB & BPB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 2nd MPB Tucker’s Jutone Amarilla. 1st PB Keen’s Clokellys Laura. 2nd PB Stevens’ Kesyra Quicki. 1st SpYB Stevens’ Antilli Danni del Kesyra. 2nd SpYB Minhinetts Jaxongate Babita. 3rd SpYB Lewis’ Maewyns Bibi. 1st PGB & BB & BOB Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. 2nd PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 3rd PGB Tucker’s Romainville Morietta. 4th PGB Lewis’ Maewyns Abaca. 1st OB Lewis’ Morrow Akuna at Maewyns.

      At Birmingham National Champ. Show under judge Ian Blackshaw. 1st MPD Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. 2nd PD Atherton’s Zumander Destry at Bachmeier. 3rd JD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutone. 1st GD  Bond’s Jaguar v Dorahaus. 4th PGD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 2nd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd OD Julian’s Ch. Zuberg Lyric JW. 1st MPB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 3rd JB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenburg. 2nd PGB Hensley’s Fahra v Amulree. 5th LB Apps’ Zeline v Luttersbruch.

      Peter went to Devon and gave Larry a lift. Several years ago Larry fell off a ladder a couple of times while window cleaning in icy conditions and broke his ankles. He has had the second ankle operated on recently, so he is hobbling about on crutches at the moment. Under dog judge Davy Hall. 1st MPD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 2nd MPD Cooper’s Leroaine Bravlio. 1st PD & BPD Keen’s Clokelly’s Lagos. 2nd YD Basset & Yates’ Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble. 3rd PGD Gill’s Stryvya Barron. 4th PGD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 5th PGD Aldridge’s Figo v Amulree. 2nd LD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 3rd OD Ward’s Onyx v Estherlager. Under Bitch judge Steve Foran. 3rd MPB Cooper’s Leroaine Berdina. 3rd PB Shepherd’s Canniscore Breanna. 4th MPB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 3rd JB Stevens’ Kesyra Quicki. 5th JB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenburg. 6th JB Williamson’s Shellmead Anja. 3rd YB Williamson’s Silverleigh Queen. 5th PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 4th LB Morgan & Ward’s Astana Callie del Belezra.

      Zumander Bacchus has returned to his roots and is at stud in the South West with co-owners Denise, Dave and Emma Hensley.


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