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July 2008



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The definition of a bore is:-

                    Someone who talks about their dogs, and their’s alone.

                    When you want them to listen, while you talk about your own.

This is the South West news and not ‘my diary’ or the thoughts of Jean Hiscox. I comment on or mention GSD-related things that may be helpful or of interest, but I don’t get paid enough (Oh! That’s right we don’t get paid at all, the contributors to the magazine do it for the love of, and dedication to, the breed) to court controversy by airing my views in these notes on issues like double handling, the split in the breed and so on. I keep my own counsel, but if I felt strongly enough about a certain topic I would write an article or a letter to the Editor; as I have done several times in the years I have been doing the news. I often get people telling me what I ought to mention in the South West news. So I suggest they write down what they want to say and I will include it for them, and attribute it to them. When asked to write it down and put their name to it they seem very reluctant to do so. We all like to see our dog’s name and achievements in print. People get precious little in return, especially at some of the General Shows, for the time and effort spent in training, and the money spent on entry fees and travelling about the Country showing or working their dogs. An inclusion in the results for their area, especially if the dog is not in the first three placings so will not get a mention in the judge’s critiques, is often much appreciated. Every exhibitor contributes to a dog show, whether a known name and face or not and should be treated the same and given a mention. And if certain people find that boring I make no apologies.

      As one of us always stays at home when we have puppies, many thanks to Denise and Emma for the lift to the GSDL of GB Champ. Show. They picked me up at Sedgemoor Services, and Glynis joined us at Bristol. The car was loaded up with flasks of hot drinks, cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks, fruit, folding chairs, umbrellas, wet weather wear and so on. Peter and Larry went to GSDC of Devon Champ. Show the day before and what did they take with them. Sod all! Vive la Différence! It was an enjoyable day. I have always liked this venue. Someone informed me that it was the last time they were allowing a GSD Show on their grounds. Another nail in the coffin of our hobby. I was pleased to note there were some very promising homebred young stock from the South West in the puppy classes. Under dog judge Freddy Christensen, 1st MPD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 3rd MPD Cooper’s Leroaine Bravlio. 2nd PD Clokellys Lagos.1st LD&RCC Davies & Davies  Silverleigh Estor. Under bitch judge Bernhard Norda, 3rd PB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 6th Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kessenburg.

      At Three Counties AS Champ. Show under judge June Charteris, 4th LD Crouch’s Lindellas La Bada at Chalita. 1st LB&RCC Hensley’s Fahra vom Amulree.

      At Heads of the Valley GSDC Open Show under judge Alan Charlton, 1st MPD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 2nd MPD Andrews’ Nikonis Arthur. 1st PD Tucker’s Jutone Arturo. 2nd JD Hiscox & Vessey & Hensley’s Zumander Bacchus. 1st YD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Dannie at Jutone. 1st PGD Dodds’ Presidio Eros. 3rd PGD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 4th PGD Irving’s Bodanthor Omega Force. 1st LD Crouch’s Lindellas La Bada at Chalita. 2nd LD Hearn’s Kiplyn Freddie. 3rd LD Irving’s Zuberg Kaiser. 2nd OD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 2nd MPB Baker’s Precious Suzkee ar Caemaen. 1st PB&BPB&BPIB Shepherd’s Cannislore Breanna.  1st JB Elliott’s Toilers Dora, a very good quality daughter of Nando. I saw another very good quality young daughter by him, bred and owned by Tracey Wight, at the League Show, and then there is Heather, David and Jim’s Champion bitch also by him. He does seem to be producing some very good quality females in this Country out of homebred bitches.  3rd JB Stevens’ Kesyra Quicki. 4th JB Williamson’s Shellmead Anja. 1st YB Williamson’s Silverleigh Queen. 2nd YB Robert’s Q-Shelley at Komodo. 3rd YB Aldridge’s Edser Elvina. 1st PGB&BB&BOB Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. 2nd PGB Tucker’s Romainville Morietta. 2nd LB Baker & Edmunds’ Enschi vom Heerbusch. 3rd LB Robert’s Mortoff Roma of Komodo. 1st OB Tucker’s Jutone Lisa at Chrisinge. 2nd Ward & Morgan’s Astana Callie del Belezra. 3rd OB Shepherd’s Lindmark Matilda. 1st VD/B Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika. 2nd VD/B Lindmark Leika at Blitzenheim.

      At Blackpool & DCS Champ. Show under judge Malcolm Robinson, 1st MPD Cooper’s Leroaine Bravlio. 4th LD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd OD Julian’s Ch. Zuberg Lyric JW. 3rd MPB Cooper’s Leroaine Berdina.

      Well done to Brits showing in Germany at an LG Show, Ryan and Karen gaining VV1 with Tramella Sierry under judge Ansgar Kartheiser. Heather and the Mitchells SG7 with Conbhairean Nadia under judge Otto Körber-Ahrens. Jackie V2 with Baffie v d Falkenau under judge Ansgar Kartheiser.

      Ann Swift from the Monksley Kennels was handling at Birmingham Show. The bitch she was handling was slightly overweight. The judge enquired, “Is she in whelp.” Ann replied, “No, but I am.” Congratulations.

      News from Ann Bassett of the Kalbeshan Kennels, she has a litter by Int. Ch. Canto v Alpenheim (Kevin v Murrtal x Honda vom Funken Spiel) out of Kalbeshan Siorra (Fritz v Farbenspiel x Quelle Ornis-Bohemia). Andy and Angela Pearson of the Voneche Kennels have a litter by Voneche Edition (Macrompian Fedz at Voneche x Zambia v. d. Wolfsmatte at Voneche).

      We have heard the sad news that litter brothers Zumander Ajax and Zumander Amun ( Oliver v Laacher Haus x Pepsi v Grauen) have died at two and a half years old within weeks of each other due to unfortunate accidents. Amun had been hipscored 5:4=9 and had sired a couple of litters. Our sympathies go to their owners. My mother says, ‘Where there’s livestock, there’s dead stock.’ Knowing that does not help lessen the grief. I know several people whose dogs have died, and it has upset and affected them so much that they will not take on another dog to go through it all again. They must have taken heed of the words of Rudyard Kipling in his poem, ‘The Power of the Dog’:

There is enough sorrow in the natural way

From men and women to fill our day;

And when we are certain of sorrow in store,

Why do we always arrange for more?

Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware

Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.


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