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January 2006



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      I find it annoying that the KC will not recognise any show or working qualifications achieved in other Countries. One of our puppy owners sent to the KC for a five generation pedigree. The dogs in the pedigree include Siegers, Vice Siegers, VAs, with SchH 1 to 3, IP3s, FHs, ADs etc. The KC pedigree has the name of the dogs and that is all. The same when a dog is imported, the KC insist on providing a pedigree you have to pay for of the imported dog with no qualifications included, when you have a perfectly good one with the dogs achievements from the Country of origin. If you request a five generation pedigree and they do not have all the information on some of the dogs they send it to you with blank spaces.

GSD Club of Essex Ch show - Dog Judge - Peter Van Oirschot - 5th LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric, 6th OD Green / Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. Bitch Judge - Dr Malcolm Willis - 5th JB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian, 6th YB Green’s Grunbruders Darcie.

      I did not get to H.O.V. show as we have puppies to look after, all the dogs will not fit in the car, and our van has been slowly dying on us over the year, it eventually gave up the ghost and failed the MOT. We now have a replacement. So thanks go to Mark Collins for letting me know the results.

Heads of the Valley GSD Club Open show – Dog Judge – D Stapleton – 1st MPD & BPD & BPIB Davies Silverleigh Estor, 1st PD Irving’s Bodanthor Omega Force, 2nd PD Summers Gwilym Arlington, 1st PGD Collins / Rambridge / Sygrove’s Tramella Arni, 3rd PGD Yates / Roxburgh’s Godalis Granit at Gollygobble, 4th PGD Irving’s Zuberg Kaiser, 3rd LD Davies / Wilkins’ Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica, 1st OD Green / Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. Bitch Judge – D Spence - 2nd MPB Ward’s Rustanville Elektra del Belezra, 1st PB Gill’s The Samba For Fame, 1st JB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian, 2nd SYB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 2nd PGB Elliott’s Toilers Vera, 4th PGB Yates / Roxburgh’s Kalbeshan Willa at Gollygobble, 1st LB Davies / Wilkins Eyanica Angie, 1st OB Houle’s Belezra Geena of Auriga, 2nd OB Elliot’s Toilers Sky, 1st VD/B Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg.

      I was sorry to hear that Wayne Green had been taken ill, our best wishes go to Wayne for a speedy recovery.



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