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February 2004



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      At the Manchester Dog Show Society Champ Show, judge Tracy Wall,

2nd JB Davies’ Silverleigh Niamh, 4th LB Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika, 2nd JD Hensley’s Zuberg Kaisar.3rd PGD Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat, 4th PGD Butler & Pearson’s Macompian Fedz at Voneche, 3rd OD Evans & Summers’ Anntrefs Edison, 4th OD Cullen’s Zenno v Huhnegrab.

      We had Sparky DNA’d by the Animal Health Trust and were surprised to receive a flash Certificate Of DNA Profiling from the Kennel Club. We have now placed a link from our website to the page relating to canine DNA, if anyone wants further information.

      It would be interesting to have more articles on the history of the Breed as suggested by representatives of one of the Breed Clubs at the GSD Breed Council meeting on 8th November 2003. Not the history that is available in the numerous books about the Breed, but the history that has not been recorded, such as the breeders that have contributed to the Breed in this Country, and the history of the founder members of the Breed Clubs and their subsequent development. It is a shame for instance that one club sold some of its history when its funds were low. We have a cup that our dog won last year for BOB. It was donated by a well-known breeder, now deceased, for Best Alsatian in Breed. The dog club asked the cup donators if they wanted them back, if not they would be given to the cup winners to keep, as they wanted to reduce the number of cups they were responsible for. Luckily we know of several people, ourselves included, who collect GSD memorabilia, ( and while I’m thinking about it, thanks to Joan and Davy Hall for transporting a box of books we had purchased from Margaret Wiper and meeting us at the Kent Champ. Show with them.)  Robin Pearce, to name one, has an amazing collection of GSD and GSD related books and magazines from many different Countries. Chris Hazell has a vast collection also and compilations of pedigrees going back for years. We are always on the lookout for anything to do with Gsds, the other day I came across a collection of short stories titled All Soul’s Night by Hugh Walpole, the first story The Whistle written in 1929 was all about an Alsatian.


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