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December 2003



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      Our sympathies go to Dave Edmunds on the unfortunate demise of his bitch Charlie (Jaquenetta Dark Devotion).  She was hit by a car and her injuries were such that she was put to sleep. Dave is devastated. He had put a lot of work in with her and had trained her up to PD standard. He was planning to mate her at her next season, and had several of the puppies booked by Working Trials people who had seen her in action. Dave told me of one incident when training he had sent her into a scent square to find four articles. Suddenly a Boxer and a Rottweiler appeared in the field taking no heed of their owners calling them back. They raced over to Charlie, she being completely focused on her task ignored them as they bounced and barked around her, and continued sniffing the ground. Then they began sniffing the ground as well to see what she found so interesting, got bored and went on their way. Dave breathed a sigh of relief and she retrieved all the articles.

      I was interested to read Melanie Groth’s report on the Australian National. Until I read A Condensed History of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia (published by the GSD Council of Australia Incorporated 1990), I did not realise the difficulties the Australian breeders encountered when first trying to establish the breed in their Country, or that the importation ban lasted so long (1929-1972). There is mention of two Gsds that were ‘thrown overboard in the harbour at Newcastle and forced to swim to shore to avoid being destroyed, as the ban had been imposed whilst they were in transit.’ What dedication to the German Shepherd these breeders had against such prejudice. I am full of admiration for what they have achieved under much duress.

      The next breed show in the area is Heads of The Valley Open Show on 28th December. The dog judge is Ray Weeks and the bitch judge is Pauline Cullen.

      Peter has asked me to thank everyone who participated in placing the show results on our website by returning a marked up catalogue in the s.a.e. sent to them,  hopefully even more Clubs will respond next year.  Beware there are e-mails being sent purporting to come from various well - known breed people that contain viruses, we have had several that our anti-virus picks up.

      We did not attend GSD Club of Essex Champ Show, so these are the only results I have at the moment. 2nd PD Ward’s Belezra Jett 3rd JD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 2nd LD Callaway’s Moonwinds Marino at Calijo. 1st PB & BPB Bond’s Belezra Jamaica  at Zeikayla  6th PGB Houles’ Belezra Geena of Auriga.

      My news is I took the Breed Council’s judging exam in November and passed. It was held in Essex and thanks to Sheila and Jeanne for keeping us supplied with refreshments. Jeanne does such sterling work for GSD Welfare it was nice to meet her in person. I think I shall celebrate with a few Alsatian Cocktails and if anyone wants to join me here is the recipe, 1 part cherry brandy, 1 part brandy, 1 part sugar, ˝ part cold black coffee, a few ice cubes, shake all together and strain into a glass.

      Found whilst browsing the internet the following comment:

If you see RARE in an advertisement regarding the standard of the dogs, coat, colour; eye colour, etc… people, they are RARE because it is a fault.

A merry Christmas and a happy NewYear to everyone who shares their life with a German Shepherd.



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