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August 2010



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Congratulations to John and Pauline on Veneze Ellie gaining SG1 at the Belgium Sieger. There is a lovely photo of John posing on the podium with Ellie on photographer Guus Kersemakers website, could his smile be any wider?

      I had thought the SWGSDC was a member club of the GSD Breed Council, and assumed that all GSD Breed Council member clubs followed the judges’ criteria as set out by the Breed Council panel and the Educational Working Party. And that the markers of the examination papers and the assessors of the judging candidates who had passed the written exam were the members of the E.W.P. Apparently this is not so, the SWGSDC judging criteria for inclusion on their A2 list differs from the Breed Council not only on the exam and assessments, but also on other parts, for example the number of dogs to be judged which is 175, the Breed Council is 250 dogs. I can see now that the SWGSDC is not a fast track just a different track.  Now that the SWGSDC has led the way forward for several years and shown that any Breed Club can set up their own exams and assessments and judging criteria along KC guidelines, and that this is accepted by the Kennel Club as I know people that have gone through the SWGSDC system and have now judged the Breed at championship shows, perhaps more Breed Clubs will do the same. I do agree with Gill that we need more educational activities for people wishing to learn about the breed.

      At the East of England the judge was Mike Vines. 1st OD&DCC&BOB&PG2 Cullen’s Elmo vom Huhnegrab. 3rd PB Cullen’s Veneze Furby. 1st JB Cullen’s Veneze Ellie. 1st OB&BCC Cullen’s Veneze Chaos.

          John Robinson was the judge at NW&PB. 1st JD Belfield & Mackenzie’s Kassieger Cello. 2nd GD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st OD&RDCC Cullen’s Elmo vom Huhnegrab. 1st PB&BPIB Cullen’s Veneze Frankie. 1st JB&BCC&BOB Cullen’s Veneze Ellie. 2nd PGB Julian’s Gazjackhof Carly at Lindmark.

      On to Midland Counties, Joachim Stiegler was judging dogs. 1st JD Belfield & Mackenzie’s Kassieger Cello. 1st OD&DCC Cullen’s Veneze Connor. Bitch judge was Rene Rudin. 3rd MPB Cullen’s Veneze Frankie. 5th PB Cullen’s Veneze Furby. 5th JB Cullen’s Veneze Ellie. 1st YB Julian’s Gazjackhof Carly at Lindmark. 2nd LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      We went to the GSD Club of Devon Champ. show.  It was nice to have a Champ. show only a couple of hours away.  Dog judge was Otto Korber-Ahrens. 4th MPD Hiscox & Hensley’s Zumander Fangio. 2nd PD Minhinett’s Jaxsungates Janos. 1st JD&DCC Cullen’s Veneze Erik. 2nd JD Minhinett’s Belezra Torino. 3rd JD Belfield & Mackenzie’s Kassieger Cello. 5th JD Meaton’s Moonwinds Torrez. 6th Melsome’s Felsental Ferrari. 1st YD Swift’s Veneze Dino. 3rd YD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 2nd PGD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 1st LD Cullen’s Veneze Conner. 1st OD Gray’s Videx Tyson at Megamax. Bitch judge was Rudiger Mai. 1st MPB Cullen’s Veneze Frankie. 2nd PB Minhinett’s Jaxsungates Jaffa. 3rd PB Cullen’s Veneze Furby. 2nd YB Julian’s Gazjackhof Carly at Lindmark. 1st LB&BCC&BOB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa. We heard some sad news at the show that Dave, Denise and Emma Hensley’s Lyfame Winnie was put to sleep at 15 years of age. I was also told that Carol Keen’s Enzo son Clokellys Titian has died. Our sympathies are with them.


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