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August 2009



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      At Heads of Valley GSD Club Champ. Show under dog judge Gloria Rambridge. 1st MPD&BPD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st JD Pearson’s Voneche Ike. 3rd YD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 3rd PGD Hensley, Hiscox & Vessey’s Zumander Bacchus. 3rd LD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 4th LD Irving’s Bodanthor Omega Force. Under bitch judge Freddie Christensen. 4th MPB Ward’s Usharrgo Quadesh del Belezra. 5th MPB McCarthy’s Belezra Shakira. 4th YB Shepherd’s Cannislore Breanna. 4th PGB Keen’s Clokellys Laura. 1st LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa. 5th OB Elliott’s Toilers Sky. 2nd VD/B Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche.

      At the BGSDTC Champ. Show under dog judge Paul Bradley. 2nd PD Cullen’s Veneze Dino. Under bitch judge Heinz Scheerer. 3rd LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      At the NW&PBDS Champ. Show under judge Sue McNulty. 1st PD&BPIB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st PGB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenberg. 5th LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      Larry rang, he has just had two litters, one a litter of three born by Caesarian. He said that in forty years of breeding he has never had as many Caesarians as in the last few years. He wondered if other breeders were finding the same. We last had a Caesarian on one of our bitches about ten years ago, we have only had two in over twenty years, both for singleton puppies; one survived and one was born dead.

      Dave Edmunds got in touch to ask if I would be an observer at the tracking and obedience tests that he was holding at Westwood Farm, Keevil, Wiltshire. Dave has been training dogs for about forty years. He began in the breed showing and he has judged the breed, but then he got hooked on Working Trials, which led to Schutzhund. He is not competitive just enjoys the training, but he has trained his dog to such a high degree that he has been used as a demonstration dog to go through the course and the tests at the start of a Schutzhund Trial. Dave has never lost his enthusiasm for the working dog. I think I have mentioned before that he is patience personified when helping people to train their dogs; all his time, considerable knowledge and experience is given free of charge. I went, as I have a lot of time for genuine GSD people. If I wanted to work my dogs I think this day would have been very interesting, very useful and given me a lot of confidence that I would be capable of training the dog.

      We have always fed our adults and puppies on a raw meat/tripe and wholemeal biscuit diet with vitamin and mineral supplements; which come in tablet form for puppies to ensure correct dosage, for the adults SA37 powder, alternating with brewers yeast and seaweed (except for a bitch in whelp) and bonemeal. We give them cows hooves to chew, which help to keep their teeth clean, and do not attract flies. One of the nicest compliments we have had was from Malcolm Griffiths, who, after seeing all of our dogs at different times commented in a surprised tone, “You keep all your dogs in good condition.”  If he thought that was unusual, he was obviously getting about with the wrong crowd.

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