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August 2008



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      Our sympathies go to the family of Veronica (Ronnie) Green. We will miss her at the Heads of the Valley GSD Club. She was a stalwart supporter of the club and a great help at the shows.

      An e-mail from Jo Lewis to let me know her Morrow Akuna at Maewyns was 8th out of 34 only dropping 4½ marks at her second Obedience Show. Maewyns Bibi made her debut at the same show, she was not placed but only dropped 11½ marks. Maewyns Kynie passed her KCGCDS Gold in May. Well done Jo.

      At Leicestershire GSD Club Champ. Show under dog judge Brian Wooton, 2nd MPD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 3rd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. Under bitch judge Linda Barclay, 1st PGB Sheffield’s Willowdale Keifa.

      On to NW & PB Champ. Show under judge Mo Lakin, 3rd GD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutone.

      Bob and Sue Elliott have been in touch to tell me of their latest litters. They have three dogs and three bitches by Irok Karanberg out of Toilers Vera their Enzo daughter. And three dogs, three bitches by Pakros out of Tilka v Finkenschlag an Ando daughter.

      Jane and Sue Atherton were delighted with their Zumander Destry at Bachmeier (Pakros x Hilla v Modithor) hip score of 2:4=6 and elbow score of 0. Also Zumander Claudia (Xeno x Pepsi v Grauen) has been hip scored 5:3=8 and elbow scored 0.

      Well done to Dale Mathieson for his work on the two day show catalogue the front cover was striking & the layout was most effective. I did not manage to attend the show so I cannot comment on it, a few made the long journey from the South West. Under dog judge Ake Imland, 7th PGD Roe’s Graybeck Eiko. Under bitch judge Mats Hoglund, 1st MPB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos. 8th SpYB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kessenburg. 1st PGB Sheffield’s Willowdale Keifa.

      Before I had my first GSD I read all the books and articles I could find about them. When personal circumstances would allow and I could have my first GSD, I now had a practical specimen in front of me to compare to the information I read. Statements like the head is 40% of the height at wither could now be proved by measuring the dog, and it was right. The dog measured 25 inches at the wither and the length of the head measured 10 inches, 40%. The head proportions, the positioning of the eyes, the parallels of the forehead and muzzle were correct, and so on. Over the years I have had all the points of the standard correct; unfortunately not all on the same dog. I read about one lady judge who suggested looking at the bones of a shoulder of lamb to see the placing of the scapula and the humerous; and another one made up the shoulder blade, upper arm, foreleg, and pastern in meccano to work out the mechanism of the front action. The GSD people are fortunate to have the Dingo vom Haus Gero video showing the workings of the gaiting shepherd. Bits of knowledge come from all different sources. I had bought some Das Schaferhund magazines at the Sieger Show and was looking through them when Alfons (who handles Nando) and Hans-Peter Fetten’s son came and sat next to me. I first met them about five years ago when we were considering buying a bitch from Herr Fetten. I know that the croup is assessed on the move and the reasoning behind it. I was reading an article about it from the point of view of a vet, Alfons read it and then gave me a much better understanding of it from the point of view of a knowledgeable GSD person.

      Heads of the Valley GSD Club are holding an Open Show on 14th December, judge Eddie Stephenson. They are hoping to hold a Breed Survey as well, if anyone is interested please contact the secretary Margaret Davies, tel. 01443 412975.


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