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August 2004



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      I received a telephone call from Mark Collins to let me know how his new puppy dog is doing at the shows. Mark and his mother were most upset by the early demise of their Kalbeshan Sirus, and we missed Mark around the show rings for a while. He is back now with Tramella Arni, an Erasmus v Noort son out of Feria v Fiemereck. At his first show Three Counties under judge Gary Gray he gained a second place in minor puppy. At his next show he gained another second place under judge Tina Jermey at Blackpool. At the two day show under judge Davy Hall he gained second place in minor puppy dog. Other two day show results were 3rd PGD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica. In Bitches under judge Ludger Goke 1st JB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi. 1st LB Meaton’s Dotty v Bierstadter Hof.

      At Paignton Ch. Show under judge Jenny Miller. 2nd PD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 1st PB Bickford’s Ponway Hylite vom Psuedemore. 3rd PB Hensley’s Zuberg Lottie. 5th PB Lewis’ Morrow Akuna.

      Sorry if the show results on the website have been a bit behind, but Peter was away for ten days in Australia on business. He left me with our pack of dogs. Peter having the deeper voice is looked upon as the Alpha male (by the dogs anyway). We have a dominant male Reuben who sees himself as the boss of the dogs, (he is a homebred son of Dark v Arolser Holz Sch3 FH IP3 AD, who had the true shepherd fearlessness. He takes after his father and we have not found anything he is frightened of to date, which probably saved his life when he had tetanus, as the Vet told us if he was frightened by anything his nerves and muscles would go into spasms and he could die. When he came round from the anaesthetic they banged things about and shouted, so that if he were likely to go into spasms he would do it at the surgery, but he remained quite calm throughout.) Somehow I fell over with my leg caught in the electric lead of the airer. Reuben came rushing up to me and stood over me growling. Thinking of Graham Mabbutt’s article about dominant dogs, I did not keep quiet and lie still as he advised, but started shouting and pushing him off. Then I realised he was not growling at me but the other dogs, warning them not to come near me, he was protecting me. He must have bonded to me when I saw him through Tetanus between four and five months of age. He was promised to someone for training for Schutzhund, so reluctantly I let him go at seven months when they were able to take him, thinking he would probably have a better life in a working home, being a working dog. They got in touch after a few days and said the dog was not interested in anything, he was not happy so would I have him back, we went and fetched him. He was delighted to see us, he had decided where he wanted to be, whether he was worked or not. He spends about half an hour every morning ragging with his sister, which uses up quite a lot of energy for both of them. I am home all day so they have the run of the garden.

      We did not go to the National Working and Pastoral Breeds, so many thanks to Derek and Ann Bond for the placings. Judge Terry Hannan. 1st PD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 4th PD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 1st GD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 4th PB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd JB Bond’s Belezra Jamaica at Zeikayla. 1st GD Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi. 2nd GB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna. 4th LB Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika. 3rd OB Meaton’s Dotty v Bierstadter Hof.

      We did not make it to Plymouth & District Canine Society either so thanks again to Ann and Derek for the results. They were all South West dogs so this is the full results under judge Pat Wills. 1st P&BPIB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2ndP Colton’s Fernspot Shuni. 3rd P Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne. 1st SpYD&BD Ward’s Belezra Jett. 2nd SpYD Whitefoot’s Jutones Vanto. 3rd SpYD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 4th SpYD Green’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders. 1st GD Hensley’s Zuberg Kaiser. 1st OD Aldridges Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 2nd OD Trant’s Bohlkenbridge Initator of Jutone. 1st SpYB&BB&BOB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. Well done to Richard and Linzi. 2ndSpYB Apps’ Jutone Lorette at Zahnarzt. 3rd SpYB Shepherd’s Blitzenheim Edana. 1st GB Bond’s Belezra Jamaica at Zeikayla. 2ndGB Houles Belezra Geena of Auriga. 3rd GB Colton’s Maxamben Fantasy. 1st OB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna. 2nd OB Ward’s Belezra Deminka Gold. 3rd OB Minhinetts’ Venpatra Topaz.

      The South West Working & Pastoral Breeds Assoc. are holding their open show on Saturday 16th October at Clevedon. The judge is Tina Jermey and there are nine classes for GSDs. Entries close 18th September. Schedules Mr G Argyle 01626 362279.

      Thanks to Mark Collins for letting me know results from Iceni. Dog judge Joan Hall 2nd MPD Collins, Rambridge & Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 4th GD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica. 3rd OD Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. Bitch judge Davy Hall. 4th GB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Angie.

      I am judging at The Vale of Glamorgan agric. soc. on 18th August. There are six classes for GSDs and quite a good entry of twenty-seven dogs, less to do with the fact that I am judging and more to do with the fact that there is a very good cider tent at this event. I did not realise until I went to the Heads of the Valley Club for training, how many Welsh people enjoy their cider. I heard a programme on local radio talking about the Jones families. Apparently there is no J in the welsh language so it is not a Welsh name. The families named Jones moved to the coal mining places in Wales from the coal mining area of Radstock, which is near Bath in Somerset. Obviously some took their love of cider with them. We bought some rough cider from a local farm to take over to HOV club, we kept some for ourselves, but it tasted funny after a few days as we had kept it in the plastic container. It was not wasted we used it to clean our brass sink and it came up like new. Powerful stuff cider.      



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