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August 2003



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      I saw my first German Shepherd in 1965, looked into his eyes, and I was smitten. All these years later I still feel  the same way about them, and there seems to be no cure. So here I am back writing the South West news again.

      Just when you thought it was safe to venture out Larry Yates has got his driving licence back.

      Congratulations to the Aldridges and his breeders the Wards on Belezra High Calibre of Edser  winning the Res. CC at Birmingham National Show under Jeanette Mathews-Griffiths. Congrats also to Ivor Jacobson and S. Hutchinson on Lindmark Lexus at Mascani winning the Res. CC at Birmingham &D GSDA under Herr Knaul. Well done to Pam and Joyce at Moonwinds winning BB at Heads of the Valley with Dotty v Bierstadter Hof (a Max v Aducht daughter.)

      Around the shows I will only give a mention to the dogs that get into the cards. If you want to know how other South West dogs have done , all the placings for most of the shows are on our website, www.jaquenetta.com  At Leicester  GSD Club Champ Show 1st PD&BPD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 3rd PD Hiscox’s Jaquenetta Bonneville. 6th JD Richard’s Jadema Kaiser. 2nd SpYD Pearson & Butler’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 3rd SpYD Meaton’s Dax v Bierstadter Hof.  4th PGD Jacobson & Hutchinson’s Lindmark Lexus at Mascani. 6th LD Callaway’s Moonwinds Marino at Calijo. 3rd OD Ward’s Belezra Zapp. 4thJB Olds’ Jutone Lisa at Chrisinge. 6th JB Elliott’s Toilers Sky.5th OB Cullen’s Inge v  Messina. 

      At Birmingham & District  GSDA Champ Show 2nd PD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 6th PD Hiscox’s Jaquenetta Bonneville. 4th SpYD Meaton’s Dax  v Bierstadter Hof. 1st PGD&Res.CC. Jacobson & Hutchinson’s Lindmark Lexus at Mascani. 2nd OD Ward’s Belezra Zapp. 3rd JB Elliott’s Toilers Sky. 5th JB Keen’s Bohlkenbridge Inga from Clokellys. 4th PGB Keen’s Clokellys Cristina. 5th OB Cullen’s Inge v Messina.

      At Heads of the Valley Open Show. Dog judge  Anne Hardy. 1st MPD & BPD Hensley’s  Zuberg Kaisar. 2nd MPD Trant’s Rafaye Zorro of Jutone. 2nd PD Hiscox’s  Jaquenetta Bonneville.3rd PD Elston’s Zylvadantian Deano. 4thPD Markus’ Lymebays Canto. 5th PD Shepherd’s Blitzenheim Easy Rider. 1st JD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 3rd JD Hensley’s Zuberg Ignatious. 5th Apps’ Jutones Lancaster at Zahnarzt. 3rdSpYD Butler & Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 1st PGD Appleby & Dindale’s Copybush Declan. 2nd PGD Wells’ Trockenwells Shabonee 3rd PGD Elston’s Zylvadantian  Barrie. 3rd OD Yates’ Dragonmane Skeidars Gold of Lornstone.  Bitch judge Sue Belfield. 3rd MPB Gray’s Megamax Tahani. 1st PB Sleeman’s Bonny over the sea. 2nd PB Yates’ Lornstone Gywey. 4th PB Shepherd’s Blitzenheim Edana 5th PB Marcus’ Lymebays Carin. 4th JB Elliott’s Toilers Sky. 5th JB Hensley’s Zuberg Indee. 1stSpYB Yates’ Pinedo Quinqajou of Lornstone. 2nd SpYB Jacobson’s Lindmark Maltilda. 3rd SpYB Gray’s Megamax Quelquefoi’s Holly. 5th Green’s Grunbruders Indiana. 1st PGB&BB Meaton,s Dotty v Bierstadter Hof.. 2nd PGB Houle’s Belezra Geena of Auriga. 4th  Keen’s Clokelly Cristina. 5th PGB Aldridge’s Edser sea mist .  1st LB Ward & Berry’s Vashika Xiska del Belezra. 2nd LB Shepherd’s Lindmark Leika at Blitzenheim. 3rd LB Hills’ Samsarix Chanel.

      At the GSD Club of Devon the judge was Alfred Campbell. 1st MPD Trant’s Rafaye Zorro of  Jutone. 1st PD Elston’s Zylvadantian Deano. 2nd PD Apps’ Jutones Lancaster at Zahnarzt. 3rd PD Markus’ Lymebays Canto. 1st SpYD Hensley’s Zuberg Ignatious. 1st ND, 1st PGD & BD Allen & Trant’s Jutones Persuasion. 2nd ND Elston’s Zylvadantian Barrie. 3rd ND Vanstone’s Jutones Wotsit Allabout. 4th ND Effer’s Zuberg Greaves. 2nd PGD Appleby & Dindale’s Copybush Declan. 1st OD Whitefoot’s Jutones Action Man. 2nd OD Yates’ Dragonmane Skeidars Gold of Lornstone. 4th OD Vanstone’s Jutones Majestic. 2nd MPB Yates’ Lornstone Gywey. 1st PB,BPB&BPIB Sleeman’s Bonny Over The Sea. 2nd PB Marcus’ Lymebays Carin. 3rd PB Tolley’s Clokellys Capella. 1st SpYB&BB Olds’ Jutones Lisa at  Chrisinge. 1st NB Roxbourgh’s Pinedo Quinqajou. 3rd OB Yates’ Flowering Daisy of Lornstone.

      We took  Jaquenetta Bonneville to a local general open show , Taunton & District CA, to see how he would get on when meeting lots of different breeds of dogs in a covered area. He  behaved very well with Great Danes ( I did not realise they were quite so big ) to toy dogs, and came away with BPIB&BOB and the best bit, a real old-fashioned cup to place on the mantelpiece.

      Forthcoming Shows in our area. Plymouth & District CS on Saturday 20th September at Exeter Livestock Centre judge Dean Summers. The South Western GSD Club on Saturday 27th September at The Racecourse, Wincanton judge  Pat Roe. South West W & P Breeds Assoc., on Saturday 18th October at Hand Equestrian centre, Clevedon  judge Helen Davenport. GSD Club of Devon  at the Club’s training ground on Saturday 25th October judge Lily Hannan, also holding a breed survey with Terry Hannan  as the surveyor.

      At the Heads of the Valley training today, I was sorry to hear that Angela Pearson slipped and fell while cleaning out their litter of puppies, which resulted in a broken right wrist, and extra household duties for Andy….. All good wishes for a quick recovery.



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