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April 2008



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      An e-mail from Jo Lewis to let me know that Maewyns Boona (Nelly), owned by Becky Taylor and Paul Fear has passed her silver KCGCDS. Her own Maewyns Bibi and Maewyns Bindi passed their bronze KCGCDS. She was showing for the first time at Crufts and was delighted when Maewyns Abaca was 8th in a strong PGB class of eighteen and 2nd in GCB. She has done her first obedience show with their mother Morrow Akuna at Maewyns and managed a very creditable 8th out of 30 dogs. Sarah Julian told me at Bristol Show that their Zuberg Lyric, and Marina-Jane and Nathan’s Lararth Sonny have both passed their silver KCGCDS. Well done to all of them.

      At Bolton & District GSDC under bitch judge Keith Williamson 1st LB Phillips & Summers’ Gwilyms Dallas. I was sorry to hear that club secretary Carol Morrison spent the night before the show in A & E, and was then admitted into hospital, so missed the show. She came home on Good Friday and we hope she has made a speedy recovery.

      We received the sad news that Jaquenetta Royal (Marto v Trienzbachtal x Renja v Reeshoop) has died aged 13½ years. She was from a litter of eight bitches and two dogs; inbred on the Trienzbachtal Siegerins. She was bought by a chap whose wife had recently died, and he wanted her as company for his two young daughters. When the bitch was about ten months we had a telephone call from Battersea Dogs Home. She had been found wandering around the marshes somewhere near London. They had been in touch with the tattoo register, and were given our number. They asked what we were going to do about the dog. I told them I would get in touch with the owner of the bitch and ring them back. I rang the number in the puppy sales receipt book, but the number was unattainable. I got in touch with directory enquiries, I told them the owner’s name and address and they gave me a telephone number which I contacted.  A woman answered and denied all knowledge of having a GSD puppy from us. After further discussion it turned out that she had the same surname and lived in the same road as the owner of the bitch. Apparently the chap had rented the house opposite her, his wife died, and he had continued to live there with his children. There was a fire, the house had been burnt out, (how much ill luck can one person have?) and he had moved away. He had an older daughter who lived near London, but she did not know where exactly, he could have gone there. I rang Battersea and told them that I could not contact the owner so we would take her back. They said they had to keep her for so many days, if the owner had not contacted them they would be in touch. They rang us to say the owner had not come for her, but she would be easy to re-home as she was a sweet bitch with a good character. I said we would collect her, so Peter drove up to get her and was charged £70 by Battersea for looking after her. A few weeks later a local family were looking for a dog but they wanted a Collie. We introduced them to Royal, they liked her, and we gave her to them. Her story ended happily, I hope her first owner’s did likewise.

      At Crufts under judge Terry Hannan  4th SpJD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutone. 1st LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 1st GCD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd VD Cooper’s Clokellys Giacomo at Leroaine. 2nd PGB Dodds’ Ardenburg Allegra. 8th PGB & 2nd GCB Lewis’ Maewyns Abaca. 1st VB Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika.  For a dog that is usually shown in wide open spaces, I had my fingers crossed that Zamp would cope with the claustrophobic atmosphere at Crufts; from reports I have received he did so magnificently, a credit to the breed. When we took Pepsi to mate him I was impressed by his super condition in the early hours of a cold February morning on a back road in Germany. I was not at Crufts so I cannot comment on the handling, but I read the Pastoral Group Judge’s report in the dog papers. I cannot believe she wrote such hyperbole (that’s putting it politely) about Zamp and his young handler. The judging reminded me of that old joke, when St. Peter, St. John and several other Saints were mooching about in Heaven thinking up things to do.

“I know!” exclaimed St. Peter. “Let’s hold a Dog Show.”

“Great idea, we have all the top dogs up here,” replied St. John. “But we need some competition to make it interesting.”

They thought about it and St. Peter came up with the suggestion of asking Satan to compete with the dogs from down there. So he got in touch with Satan to ask him if he was interested in coming to their Dog Show. Satan agreed but wanted a wager on the side.

“That’s fine with me,” said St. Peter. “But remember we have all the best dogs, the BIS winners, Champions, Int. Champions, Siegers………………….

“Yes that may be so,” interrupted Satan. “But you forget Gentlemen, we have all the judges!”

      At the GSDC of Wales Open Show under judge Albert Balmer. 1st MPD & BPD & BPIB Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. 1st JD  Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutones. 2nd JD Morris’ Kalbeshan Figo at Gollygobble. 2nd PGD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 4th PGD Roe’s Graybeck Eiko. 1st OD & BD & BOB Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd OD Pearson’s Voneche Edition. 1st MPB & BPB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 2nd PGB Pearson’s Voneche Zalinka. 3rd PGB Apps & Tucker’s Jutone Aria. 1st OB Apps’ Zeline v Luttersbruch. 2nd OB Phillips & Summers’ Gwilyms Dallas.

      We had to clear a thick layer of snow from the van windscreen before going to the GSDC of Bristol Open Show. I often see Lynne and Neil at shows, but I haven’t seen Pauline and Trevor Harvey for ages, it was good to see them looking so well. The atmosphere was a little subdued to begin with due to the presence of a KC Official. Keith Williamson was judging dogs and bitches.  2nd MPD Keen’s Clokellys Lagos, a quality youngster by Eloy v St. Michaels-berg (a Zamp son) out of an Enzo v Buchhorn daughter. I saw him and his litter brother and sister briefly at Kent Show and was quite impressed with them: Carol must be delighted with the results of this mating.  4th MPD Shepherd’s Canniscore Baldemar. 2nd JD Yates & Roxburgh & Bassett’s Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble. 3rd JDApps & Tucker’s Romainville Danny at Jutone. 4th JD Morris’s Kalbeshan Figo at Gollygobble. 1st PGD Roe’s Graybeck Eiko. 2nd PGD Aldridge’s Figo v Amulree. 3rd PGD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 4th PGD Morris’s Gollygobble Godwyn. 2nd OD Julian & Bowen’s Lararth Sonny. 1st MPB & BPB & BPIB Keen’s Clokellys Lola, another quality youngster and litter sister to 2nd in MPD. 2nd PB Harvey’s Toilers Elkie. 1st JB Elliott’s Toilers Dora being shown for the first time, she is a striking clean-lined bitch, black and rich red gold, by Nando v Gollerweiher out of a Mack v Aducht daughter. 1st SpYB 1st Shepherd’s Lararth Dubonnet. 2nd PGB Tucker’s Romainville Morietta. 3rd PGB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 4th PGB Elliott’s Toilers Vera. 2nd OB Phillips & Summers Gwilyms Dallas. 3rd OB Shepherd’s Lindmark Matilda. 4th OB Apps’s Zeline v Luttersbruch.

      I hear that John Cullen has got another hat as Chairman of the Breed Council, we wish him well for the future in this position.

      Schedules are now out for Devon GSDC Champ. Show on Saturday 7th June at the Newhall Equestrian Centre, Killerton, Broadclyst, Exeter.


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