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April 2005



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Well done to Jo Lewis and Morrow Akuna (Ji) on gaining the silver KCGCS, it was judged by the local dog warden who told Jo her dog was a credit to her.

      Dave Edmunds tells me that there is a new Schutzhund club at Newport, and a number of West Country people are going over there to train their dogs. If anyone from the South West is interested the web address is www.schutzhund.plus.com for the Celtic Vale Schutzhund Club.

      Sparky qualified for Crufts again this year, but we did not go. I have had no-one get in touch with their results from Crufts, and I know a lot of dogs in the South West qualified, so they must have felt the same. The day the W & P Group was being judged, Graham Mabbutt invited me to a canine character assessment of a litter of 10mth old dogs, at the Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Training School as an Official Observer. I found it interesting to totally ignore the appearance of the dog as a show prospect, and concentrate purely on the character and working potential of the dog. As well as dogs with show lines we also have dogs with working lines. So I have dogs with similar characters to the ones that were being assessed, which meant I was pleased with their reactions to the tests, but it was what I expected from them.

      GSD Club of Wales results Dog judge Keith Williamson 2nd MPD Houle’s Belezra Manolo at Auriga, 3rd PD Butler’s Voneche Edition, 1st SYD BD & BOB Julian’s Zuberg Lyric, 1st PGD Butler / Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche, 4th PGD Green’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders, Bitch Judge Linda Barclay 3rd MPB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian, 3rd PB Phillips / Summers Gwilym’s Dallas, 3rd JB Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne, 4th JB Holmes Uptonangels Von Astra Amani, 1st PGB Shepherd’s Lindmark Matilda, 2nd PGB Tucker’s Jutones Lisa at Chrisinge, 3rd PGB Meaton’s Moonwinds Fygi, 5th PGB Minhinett’s Venpatra Topaz, 3rd OB Adamson / Phillips / Meaton’s Moonwinds Fenza.

      We were looking for a newer transit van to transport the dogs. Peter found one through the internet at a garage in Leeds. Larry Yates was going with him to drive our car back. When I wave them off on an away day I always have a feeling of trepidation that they should not be let out together. The last time Larry imbibed a little too much liquor, would not let Peter drive his car back and it cost Peter £75 for the taxi home, as he had to get back for work the next morning, being a keyholder. This time I had a telephone call to tell me Peter was in a cell in a Leeds Police Station. Apparently when he handed over the documents at a Leeds Post Office for the tax for the van he had agreed to buy, it was discovered that the MOT was a forgery. He would not hand over the cash for the van until he had taxed it and it was ready to drive home, so he did not lose any money. After questioning they released him, he finally arrived home at 6.30 a.m. The dogs will have to make do with the old transit, he’s been put off buying another one for a while The day before he was due to report to the Leeds Police Station at 9 a.m. they telephoned to say the matter was sorted out, and they did not need to see him. I should be thankful that they have never arranged to go to the Sieger Show together.

                        At Leicester GSDC Champ. Show, dog judge Jean Duff 6th PGD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre at Edser. 3rd OD Green

                   & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. 6th OD Hutchinson & Jacobson’s Lindmark Lexus at Mascani. Bitch judge Ryan

                   Rambridge 5th MPB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian. 5th JB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Bianka. 1st PGB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci.

                   2nd PGB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Angie.


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