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April 2004



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      I went to Crufts for the first time this year, although our dog was entered I decided not to take him with me, as I have never been to a benched show before and neither has he. Which was just as well as we left home at seven, got caught up in traffic and arrived by the GSD ringside at about twelve in time to see the line up for the dog CC. The placings for our area were 5th SpYD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 4th LD Evans & Summers Anntrefs Edison. 3rd SpPB Keen’s Clokellys Laurena. 2nd SpJB Davies’ Silverleigh Niamh. 1st SpYB Keen’s Bohlkenbridge Inga from Clokellys.

      The results from the GSDC of Wales where the judge was Paul Shackleton. BOB was Green and Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat, expertly handled by Rob Davies. I did not realise he was such a good mover and the dog is not bad either. Well done Ronnie and Ted. 1st MPD&BPD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 1st JD Ward’s Belezra Jett. 4th JD Jacobson’s Kenemal Dino at Lindmark. 2nd SpYD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. 3rd SpYD Hiscox’s Jaquenetta Bonneville. 1st OD&BD&BOB Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. 2nd OD Butler & Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 3rd OD Swift’s Copybush Declan. 4th OD Bassett & Jones’ Kalbeshan Rigal at Mortoff. 1st MPB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd PB Elliott’s Toilers Vera. 4th PB Green’s Jutones Gholdie at Grunbruders.5th PB Gill’s Jadema Blanka at Stryvya. 1st JB Adamson, Phillips& Meaton’s Moonwinds Fenza. 2nd JB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 3rd JB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi. 4th JB Green’s Caemen Luc. 5th JB George, Richards & Bennett’s Romainville Raiki. 1st SpYB Davies’ Silverleigh Niamh. 3rd SpYB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna. 4th SpYB Elliott’s Toilers Sky. 7th SpYB Shepherd’s Blitzenheim Edana. 2nd PGB Jacobson’s Lindmark Maltilda. 1st OB&BB Ward’s Belezra Dazzling Gold. 2nd OB Summer’s Romainville Carly. 4th OB Meaton’s Dotty vom Bierstadter Hof. 5th  OB Davies’ Mortoff Libby. It meant an earlier start to get to the show on time as the clocks went forward an hour. One person, not mentioning any Carol Keen names, forgot, and realising after she had already started out turned round and went home. We did miss you Carol.  Tula Evans told me the sad news that her bitch Bedwins Penny died at twelve years of age, as this bitch introduced her to the world of showing she will always have a special place in her heart.

      News from Cornwall of four dogs gaining their K.C.G.C. Gold awards, they are Ward’s Belezra Jett, Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser, Bonds’ Belezra Jamaica of Zeikayla, and Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. Also some hip score results, Jett H/S total 4, Jamaica H/S total 9.

      I had a phone call from Jill Short to say that there is a change of judge for GSDs at the South West Working and Pastoral Breeds Open Show on May 1st, it is now David Greer (Conbhairean).

      The GSDC of Devon is holding an open show on June 5th.

      A writer friend of mine keeps mentioning a film that his son, who is studying to become a film director, has seen about dog showing and says it is really funny and very good and I must see it. The film was on television late the other night, so after the rave revues and with the interests of the dog fraternity in mind, I thought I had better watch it. I did not recognise any of the dog people I know well amongst the stereotyped dog owners, who were made to look completely neurotic, with complicated personal lives, and obsessed with their dogs winning BIS awards. The dogs were shown in a small inside ring surrounded by tiered seating. A quick individual examination, up and down, one circuit of the ring and that was it. It is no wonder my friend cannot understand the hobby of dog breeding and showing if he thinks this film is a typical portrayal. The next time I visit him I shall go armed with a video of the Sieger Show, sit him down in front of his television, play the tape and inform him, ‘Now THAT is a dog show!’


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