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September 2009



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     Reading Dave and my magazine contributions it seems like a case of; you say something nice about me, and I will say something nice about you. It was not planned I assure you. One can tell if a person has the interests of the breed at heart or their own self-aggrandisement. Our interpretation of how we visualize the correct GSD differs, we have many an argument, but we have a mutual respect for each others opinion, as the bottom line is we know we both have a great love of the breed. The KC will find this out that whichever faction of the breed one favours, true shepherd people are all united in their passion for the breed as a whole.

      At the SWGSDC Champ. Show under dog judge Pat Roe, 2nd PD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st SpYD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. Under bitch judge Majorie Williams, 1st LB&RCC Hensley’s Fahra v Amulree. 5th LB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Zena from Kesenburg.

      I was stewarding in the bitch ring at the Two Day Show. We were very lucky with the weather for Wales, only a few drizzly storms. Brian Wootten, with his fine stentorian voice, was the interpreter for both judges. I enjoyed chatting with Brian in the lunchtimes; I am sure he has a painting in the attic, I have known him many years and he never looks any older. Under dog judge Rene Rudin from Switzerland, 3rd PD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st JD Pearson’s Voneche Ike. 4th YD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 3rd PGD & graded V, Hensley, Hiscox & Vessey’s Zumander Bacchus. Under bitch judge Luciano Musolino from Italy, 3rd MPB Ward’s Usharrgo Quadeshi del Belezra. 4th YB Keen’s Clokellys Laura. 1st PGB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa. 3rd PGB Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. We hope Keith Williamson has made a full recovery after being rushed to hospital on the Saturday evening, and is back home under the tender loving care of Linda. There was a mention of a quiet atmosphere around the rings on Sunday, some was due to the appearance of a KC Field Officer in the morning, but also a lot of people were worried about Keith. On the Saturday night Sarah Julian’s Ch. Zuberg Lyric suffered a gastric torsion and had an emergency operation, he is now recovering.

      Congratulations to Ryan and Karen who did the double by making up two homebred Champions at the WKC under Sue Binden. And it was good to see that they entered the BOB Tramella Orange in the Pastoral Group under Meg Purnell-Carpenter and gained Group 3. 2nd PD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 1st GD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 2nd OD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny.

      As expected Vegas du Haut Mansard was Sieger. He showed a very good progeny group with many correct forehands giving far reaching effortless movers in his line up. Add to that daughters of his were Siegerin, VA3, and Jugend Siegerin; a son VA8 and another son was Junghund Sieger. One of the biggest disappointments was that last year’s Junghund Siegerin the Vegas daughter Chakira v Pendler failed her manwork. Looking down the class you could see the cut off point for the VAs it was a fine line but it was there. We spotted a couple of very good youngsters while browsing around the progeny groups, we met John Cullen and we gave him our shopping list for the South West, a bitch Dginy du Pre Moussey who was placed SG7 the next day and a dog Yello v Arminis 2000 who was placed SG16. We will have to cross them off as they are going to be a bit too expensive now. The Universal Sieger Javir Talka Marda (the title given to the dog entered in both the BSZS and the BSP, with the best performance in both shows) had a progeny group entered this year. I was looking at his pedigree and noticed that he has the same grandsire as our nine year old male Reuben (Jaquenetta Dark Defender). Vegas is a half-brother to Bacchus and the sire of our two young homebred bitches is a half-brother to Zamp. I would think the Sieger Show is more interesting to people nowadays, as so many more of us have the dogs we are looking at or their close relatives in our pedigrees.

       Wendy from the advertising department of Dog World was at the two-day show. She was asking our thoughts on their coverage of our breed. I mentioned that the breed note writers for the last few years were not from the international GSD side. She asked me if I would be willing to write the breed notes. I walked straight into that one! So I agreed. I have to remember that the Dog World breed notes cover the whole of the British Isles and beyond and not only the South West Area.

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