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September 2005



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      Mark Collins rang me with the news that his Tramella Arni is the proud father of nine pups. Ronnie’s Riot has fathered a litter of fourteen pups and she was wondering what the record is for our breed. Sue Elliot rang to let me know she has mated her Enzo v Buchhorn daughter to Erasmus van Noort. Dennis,Wayne and ourselves have mated our Larus von Batu daughter Pepsi vom Grauen to Oliver von Laacher-Haus. He lives in the house with his owners Lothar and Roswitha Vorg. They have a super Erasmus van Noort daughter that we would have liked, but their daughter Stephanie wanted her. She lives with her as her pet dog, and though Lothar has tried to persuade her to train her for Schutzhund and the showring, Stephanie is not interested. My kind of people who treat dogs as part of the family.

Welsh KC Ch Show – Judge Carol Marsden 2nd LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW, 1st MPB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 1st OB & BCC Cullen’s Flexy vom Huhnegrab.

Plymouth & District CS Open Show - Judge S. Brockwell.1st PD & BPD Houle’s Belezra Manolo at Auriga, 2nd PD Parry’s Videx Uran, 3rd PD Green’s Grunbruders Fritz, 4th PD Collingwood’s Pinedo Yanis, 1st SYD Green / Swift’s Monksley Amilo, 2nd SYD Neale’s Grunbruders Duracel, 1st GD Irving’s Zuberg Kaiser, 2nd GD Green’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders, 3rd GD Whitefoot's Jutones Vanto, 1st OD & BD Swift’s Copybush Declan 21/10/00 Appleby, 1st PB, BPB & BPIB Ward’s Belezra Montania, 2nd PB Green / Swift’s Monksley Diamond, 3rd PB Green’s Grunbruders Frau, 4th PB Green / Swift’s Monksley Dito, 1st SYB Holmes Jutone Inga of Uptonangels, 2nd SYB Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne, 3rd SYB Conibere / Jacobson’s Mascani Catja, 4th SYB Holmes Uptonangels Von Astra Armani, 1st GB Shepherd’s Lindmark Matilda, 2nd GB Apps Jutone Lorette at Zahnarzt, 1st OB, BB & BOB Tucker’s Jutones Lisa at Chrisinge, 2nd OB Shepherd’s Lindmark Leika at Blitzenheim, 3rd OB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna von Usharrgo, 4th OB Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg.

SKC Ch Show – Judge Sharon Bowen 2nd OB Cullen’s Flexy vom Huhnegrab.


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