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September 2003



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      We in the South West were getting a little irritated with the rest of the Country having all these Champion parties.  We consulted the oracle Larry Yates ( like Pepys he has it all written down in his diaries ), to find out when the last Champion’s party took place in the area. It was for Maureen Kemp’s Ch. Kemjon Biene. We were considering having a trial run so we did not get out of practice for when we next have a Champion in the South West. So many congratulations to Pauline and John Cullen on their German import Inge v Messina becoming a Champion at the Welsh K.C. Show under judge John Robinson. Inge’s first CC was at the N.W.& P.B. of Wales under judge Mrs Manton-Crawford, her second was at the S.K.C. under judge John Ward. Inge has also gained a Fourth CC at the S.K.C. under judge Brian Wootton and went on to take the pastoral group.

      At Allertonshire 4th JD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser under judge Alex Downey. 3rd OB Cullen’s Inge v Messina. under judge Stephen Cox.

      At Norfolk  4th PGD Swift’s Copybush Declan judge Rudiger Mai.1st MPB Keen’s Clokellys  Laurena. 1st JB Olds’ Jutones Lisa at Chrisinge. 3rdPGB Meaton’s Dotty v Bierstadter hof. 4th PGB Keen’s Clokellys Cristina. Judge Cedric Blackbourne.

      At Windsor  4th OB Cullen’s Inge v Messina Judge Mr W.A. Jackson.

      At Leeds 2nd OB&Res.CC. Cullen’s Inge v Messina, judge Mr S. Wilberg.

At North Yorks & South Durham 2nd JD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of  Edser, judge Jan Knudson. 3rd OB Cullen’s Inge v Messina, judge John Torsvik.

      Dave Edmunds telephoned with the sad news that John Barron has died. John and his wife Jackie breed under their Laetare affix and recently bred Police dogs and Guide dogs for the blind. They were very proud of Working Trials Champion Laetare Ceriously Gorgeous, owned and trained by Chris Pilton. They used to attend the South Western  GSD training classes when we held them at Millfield Equestrian Centre, and ran working trials training courses at their kennels. Our sympathies go to Jackie at this sad time.

      As we no longer have a South Western training club, many of us in the area cross the Severn Bridge into Wales to the Heads of the Valley Club. Congratulations to fellow club members Margaret and Rob Davies on Silverleigh Niamh being 1st PB&BPB&BPIB at Norfolk Champ Show and being 6th PB at the Two Day Show in Ireland. Tula Evans and Dean Summers were thrilled with Anntrefs Edison’s performance at the Two Day Show gaining a very creditable 3rd LD in good company, and an excellent grading. Handled by Peter Appleby Copybush Dot Com passed her BH at Severnside Schutzhund Club, as did Dave Edmunds with Pepnick Inddy, well done.

      I heard a presenter on Radio Bristol describing a German Shepherd as ‘That great big scary thing that only looks safe next to a Police Officer.’


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