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October 2009



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      At the British Sieger  MPM  VP1 Cullen’s Veneze Erik. MPF VP7 Hensley’s Zuberg Whoopi. 8VP McCarthy’s Belezra Shakira. PM VP1 Cullen’s Veneze Dino. 5VP Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. YgM SG2 Cullen’s Veneze Conner. SG5 Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. SG9 Aldridge’s Edser Anton. YgF SG2 Cullen’s Veneze Chaos. AOF V1 Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.  V6 Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenburg. AOM V7 Hensley & Hiscox & Vessey’s Zumander Bacchus. VA2 Cullen’s Elmo v Huhnegrab.

      We went to BAGSD’s Champ. Show as we Googled the venue and found it was only a couple of hours away. It was a good venue with super weather just a shame there was no disabled parking, as the van was quite a way away and Peter had to return to it every so often to take the pressure off his legs and feet when it became too painful. In the end we left early. Thanks to Pam Quarton for a bag full of old catalogues, the only results Peter had missing for the 1990 two-day show was the Veteran class and the class was marked up in one of Pam’s catalogues. Under dog judge Imran Husain, 3rd MPD Cullen’s Veneze Erik. 1st PD&BPD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 4th JD Pearson’s Voneche Ike. 3rd SpYD Cullen’s Veneze Connor. 4th SpYD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. Under bitch judge Hans-Peter Rieker  2nd SpYB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos. 3rd PGB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenburg. 4th LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      As it was all local dogs this is the full results from the South West W & P Breeds Association Open Show under Judge Kim Powdrill.1st MPD&BPD Meaton’s Moonwinds Torrez, 2nd MPD Morris’s Garavic Krawford 1st SYD Aldridges Edser Anton, 2nd SYD Apps / Tucker’s Felsental Danison, 1st PGD Apps / Tucker’s Romainville Tadee vom Felsental, 2nd PGD Morris’s Gollygobble Godwyn, 1st OD&BD&BOB Bowen / Julian’s Lararth Sonny, 2nd OD Yates’s Kalbeshan Qudos at Gollygobble, 1st MPB Hensley’s Zuberg Whoopi, 2nd MPB Meaton’s Moonwinds Teazel, 1st PB&BPIB&BB Ward’s Usharrgo Quadeshi del Belezra, 2nd PB McCarthy’s Belezra Shakira, 1st PGB Hensley’s Fahra vom Amulree, 2nd PGB Minhinett’s Jaxsongate Babita, 1st OB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci, 2nd OB Apps Zeline vom Luttersbruch, 3rd OB Meaton’s Gollygobble Chica, 4th OB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti.

      I judged at Eastbourne on 20th September, it was 3 classes, an entry of 15 with 3 absentees. BOB Tania Deane’s Kaiobii Michiko, BPIB Carol Eastwood & Alison Reilly’s Antilli Hifive. While waiting to go in the ring a lady whose breed was being judged before GSDs struck up a conversation with me, she told me she was seventy years of age. She talked to me quite happily and friendly, mainly about her dog and her breed. Then she asked what breed I had, when I said ‘German Shepherd’, it was as if I had suddenly grown two horns and a tail. Her tone changed. I had kept my opinion of her breed to myself, but why do people think that it is fair game to insult our breed, and have a set belief that the GSD they knew or saw when they were children, with an almost level line from wither to tailset, was the correct GSD. Everyone seems to think they can put in their two-penneth with regards to how the GSD should look, without having any idea what is laid down in the standard for the breed.

      Many thanks to Kerry Jones and Tracy Wall who met us at the show and gave us some GSD magazines; including Alsatian Review mags, old GSDL mags, and GSD weeklies, these belonged to the late Margaret Barron (Norwulf).



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