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October 2008



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      I am sorry if anyone has been trying to telephone me. Our telephone has been out of commission for several weeks, but I can be contacted on a second line number 08453268745, hopefully we will be back to normal soon.

      Four of us from this area shared a car to the German Sieger Show. According to a survey, back seat bickering begins 3hrs 15mins into the journey. Bob had left the 2007 Urma book in the back so Larry and myself, who were sharing the back seat, were kept occupied throughout the journey. The weather for the first two days of the show was atrocious. I met up with Bobby Duff for our yearly drink and trading of insults; he was complaining the rain was watering down his beer. We met some more from the South West, Denise, Emma and Lee who joined us for the evening meal. Larry, a man with romance in his soul, bought a red rose each for all the ladies (I am using the term loosely as somehow Bob ended up with one). I was surprised that Vegas was Sieger, as I had heard from several kennels that some German breeders were ‘sniffy’ about using him, because of the qualifications on the mother line. His obvious quality and strong progeny group must have outweighed these concerns. I thought the Siegerin Lana looked the best in stance last year, but she put on a better performance on the move this year to take top position. What a consistent kennel the Fichtenschlag one is for quality bitches, two in the VA group. I have followed their bitches with interest ever since I saw the Cash daughter, Holly.

      At the N Yorks & S Durham Spectacular Open Show under judge Peter van Oirschot, 2nd JD Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. Under judge John Lijffift, 1st JB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. Congratulations go to the officers and the committee of the club who put a lot of thought and effort into organizing this show to attract an amazing entry of over 170 dogs, and just over 80 presented, no mean feat nowadays.

      At Richmond DSS Champ. Show under judge Bill Jackson, 1st PD Cooper’s Leroaine Bravlio. 2nd LD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd OD Crouch’s Lindella’s La Bada of Chalita. 4th PB Green & Swift’s Monksley Patosi. 5th PB Cooper’s Leroaine Bertina. 1st PGB Sheffield’s Willowdale Keifa. 2nd LB Hensley’s Fahra v Amulree. 4th LB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine.

      On to SWGSDC Open Show under judge Carol Pomfrey, 1st OD&RBD Crouch’s Lindella’s La Bada of Chalita. 2nd OD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny.

      At Belfast DSS Champ. Show with judge Dave Bissett, 3rd PGB Sheffield’s Willowdale Keifa.

      Thanks to Denise and Emma for the lift to the British Sieger. Such a shame about the weather, like the German Sieger, it seems to spoil the atmosphere when everyone has to take cover inside or under umbrellas. At least it showed the KC Officers that the GSD fraternity are enthusiastic and dedicated and made of stern stuff. A couple of committee members advised our partners, as one of them was judging a class, not to enter our imported German bitches in the working class females at the British Sieger. So that saved a lot of preparation for us, and also for the breeder of one of the bitches who was considering bringing some of his stock over to the event. After all the organization and hard work that went in to putting on the event, we wanted to support it by taking part with a dog. They agreed that we could enter our young male Bacchus, who is co-owned and lives with his co-owners. He will now go down in history as the only dog to be graded insufficient at the British Sieger Event because of the judge’s measurement of him. Apparently there were bigger dogs there, but ours was the only one that stayed in the ring to be graded, and he did give him a very good critique. If the judge has a directive from the SV to penalize size irrespective of any other factors, they cannot take into account if the extra centimetres in height come from a high wither and a very good length of foreleg, which could make the dog a couple of centimetres taller than a dog with a normal wither and only just sufficient foreleg length; and three or more centimetres taller than a dog with a flat wither and lacking in length of foreleg. I worry that concentrating only on the height without taking other points into consideration could result in dogs a little short on the foreleg, I noticed some of the top German dogs are verging that way already.   When judging at KC shows all these points can be taken into consideration as the dogs are judged overall against the standard, and not on one specific fault. On the Saturday evening Rob Davies was having a meal and a drink in the pub close to where he was staying, and had his mobile phone and money taken from his waistcoat he had hung over the back of his chair. Well done to everyone that took part and supported the event; congratulations to all the class winners, and especially the owners/breeders of the VA male and the two VA females.   Under judge Wayne Vessey MPM 5th Cullen’s Veneze Connor. Under judge J. Summerhill  MPF 2nd  Cullen’s Veneze Chaos. Under judge Gunther Muller PM 6th Aldridge’s Edser Anton. YM SG3 Keen’s Clokellys Lagos. SG10 Atherton’s Zumander Destry at Bachmeier. AM V8 Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. SG2 Gill’s Stryvya Barron. Under judge Thomas Teubert  YF SG3 Clokellys Lola. YTHF SG3 Elliott’s Toilers Dora. SG14 Williamson’s Silverleigh Queen. SG15 Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenburg. SG16 Aldridge’s Edser Elvina. AF Cooper & Ward’s V4 Usharrgo Malan.

      Shows in the area are GSDC of Devon on the 25th October, judge Olga Barlow. Heads of the Valley on the 14th December, judge Eddie Stephenson.

      On October 12th the South Western GSDC are holding a breed specific judging seminar with exam and KC hands-on assessment, at Rowde C E Primary School, Rowde, Devizes, Wilts.



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