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May 2006



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      At the GSDL of GB Cambridgeshire Branch Spectacular Open Show under dog judge Eric Bosl. 1st JD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Esto. 3rd SpYD Butler & Pearsonís Voneche Edition. Bitch judge Richard Brauch 3rd MPB Atherton & Bakerís Zumander Atia. 5th MPB Wardís Astana Cellie del Belezra 1st PB Wardís Rustanville Elektra del Belezra.2nd PB Williamsonís Shellmead Anya. 1st JB Cullenís Veneze Ali. 6th SpYB Cooperís Reliant Veilia at Leroaine.

      It seems rather disconcerting that Dave Edmunds was vilipended in last monthís magazine for trying to explain about the BH. He only stated the facts that he had gained from various sources, and his own experience of passing 12 BHs.  I read him to mean that as the tracking and obedience parts of Schutzhund can be carried out by one person and their dog, and the protection training needs two people plus a hide, it makes sense to concentrate on that part when there are helpers and equipment available, which is usually only at a club.  When I was treasurer of the South Western GSD Club and served on the committee with Dave, I found out that he had a deprived childhood, like myself. He always wanted a GSD and his mother bought him a Collie. I wanted a GSD and my mother got two crossbred Collies; one was long-coated and grew up to resemble a hearthrug, the other was an all black sleek coated spawn of Satan. (Peter was even more deprived; he wanted a GSD and got a ginger cat). Dave bought his first GSD in 1963, a bitch puppy Rosella of Johda by Ch. Archer of Brinton out of Arora of Brittas, who was a quarantine born daughter by the 1958 Sieger Condor vom Hohenstamm out of Pia Wikingerblut. He showed her for a while and then did working trials with her. He has shown and worked GSDs he has bred or bought from the Marlish Kennels and others, and judged the breed at Show and Working Trials. Dave is the first to encourage a person who shows any spark of interest in working their dog. He tries to make me feel guilty for not working our Dark offspring when they are more than capable of doing it. They are running free and have company all the time. They are played ball with and I hide things in the garden for them to seek out and so on. They seem as happy and healthy to me as the ones we show. Dave and myself do not agree about many things to do with the GSD, but I have plenty of time for him as he is a GSD person through and through. By that I mean someone who, if there were no show or working competitions for dogs to compete for awards and qualifications, would still own GSDs because he loves the breed.

      There is a disadvantage to having your email address published in the magazine. The day after the show I judged in February I had several emails from exhibitors asking when my critiques would appear. I sent them to Our Dogs, Dog World, the National Magazine, and posted them on our website about a week later. I hope that was soon enough. When I first started judging I used to do them all properly by doing different copies for each paper and the magazine. Our Dogs wanted the first only critiqued in a specified number of words, and the second and third mentioned for a general canine open show. Dog World did not stipulate the number of words used to critique the first, with the second and third mentioned. The National Magazine publishes the critiques of the first three. Now I send the complete set off and leave it to the papers to cut out what they do not have room to include. Our Dogs must have had a quiet week as they printed all three critiques for each class this time.

      At the South Western GSDC Open Show judge Val Christopher. 2nd PD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 2nd JD Irvings Bodanthor Omega Force. 3rd JD Hensleyís Zuberg Quinny. 1st SpYD Green & Swiftís Monksley Amilo. 1st PGD Irvingís Zuberg Kaiser. 4th OD Wellís Trockenwells Shabonee. 2nd MPB Green & Swiftís Monksley Enno. 3rd PGB Cullenís Veneze Zeta.

      On to  Northumberland & Durham under judge Ryan Rambridge. 4th JD Bowen & Julianís Lararth Sonny. 2nd LD Julianís Zuberg Lyric JW. Under Neil Dodds 2nd JB Cullenís Veneze Ali. 1st OB Meaton.s Moonwinds Foxi.

      Di Stirling was judging W & PB of Wales. 3rd PD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 1st ND Bowen & Julianís Lararth Sonny. 3rd OD Julianís Zuberg Lyric JW. 1st PB Williamsonís Shellmead Anya. 3rd PGB Hensleyís Zuberg Lotti. 1st PGB & RCC Cooperís Reliant Veilia at Leroiane.

      At WELKS under judge Ian Blackshaw. 2nd JD Irvingís Bodanthor Omega Force. 3rd JD Davies & Davies Silverleigh  Estor. 5th JD Bowen & Julianís Lararth Sonny. 2nd OD Julianís Zuberg Lyric JW. 1st MPB Baker & Athertonís Zumander Atia. 3rd PB Williamsonís Shellmead Anya. 1st JB Cullenís Veneze Ali. 5th PGB Cooperís Reliant Veilia at Leroiane. 4th LB Davies Silverleigh Niamh. 3rd OB Meatonís Moonwinds Foxi.

      I stewarded on Good Friday at the South West Hound Club at the Bath and West Showground. It felt odd to be at a show without a GSD in sight. The judge I was stewarding for was just doing the last individual in the Whippet OB Class, when an exhibitor arrived who was entered in PG and Open. She had missed the PG class could she still enter Open. I asked the judge if she could enter the class. The judge was adamant that she could not (I thought she could but you do not argue with the judge they are in charge in the ring) as she had missed the first class she was entered in and she should know as she was a club secretary. This had happened before at their show and the exhibitor was refused entry in the class. But if she would not believe her to ask the club secretary to verify what she said was right. The exhibitor went to the secretary who said she could go in the class. The judge told the exhibitor to fetch the secretary as she wanted to hear it from her: she was so sure she was right. The secretary arrived to say the exhibitor could enter the class. The judge was not satisfied and wanted to see the KC rules and regs. book. The secretary took about 10 minutes to find the book. The other exhibitors were getting disgruntled and backing the judge. Someone outside the ring said it was up to the judge who she allowed in the ring. The secretary arrived with the KC book and pointed out the appropriate rule. The judge had to back down saying she had been thinking of a different rule. Well after all that the exhibitor did her individual, was put at the end of the line of seven dogs and stayed there.

      At Langstone & District CS judge Ronnie Green. 1st JD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 1st PB Williamsonís Shellmead Anya. 1st PGB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Blanka. 1st OB&BOB Davies & Wilkins Eyanika Anjie.

      Ours and Dennis and Wayneís German bitch Hilla v Modithor, a Quirin v Hochmoor daughter, has gained her SchH1, her AD, and was V4 at a Show in Dormitz. She is due to be Kkl in a few weeks time. Then we have to decide whether to bring her home to show, or leave her there to show before mating her. Pepsi v Grauen, our Larus daughter, is then going back to Germany to be Kkl and will be shown to get her V rating. All these qualifications they need to enable them and their off spring to be shown in other Countries besides our own takes a lot of juggling.

      Congratulations to John and Pauline Cullen on Orbit v Huhnegrab gaining V1 at Haguenau.

      We did not make it to the SWW&PBA so many thanks to Jackie& Eddy Crouch for emailing the results. Under judge Carol Eastwood 2nd PD Yates & Roxburghís Gollygobble Cuchulain. 3rd PD Bennettís Tramella Garcia. 1st SpYD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Esto. 2nd SpYD Bowen & Julianís Lararth Sonny. 3rd SpYD Green & Swiftís Monksley Amilo. 4th SpYD Irvingís Bodanthor Omega Force. 1st PGD Irvingís Zuberg Kaiser. 3rd PGD Greenís Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders. 1st OD Crouchís Lindellaís La Bada at Chalita ShCM. 1st PB Morgan & Wardís Astana Callie del Belezra. 2nd PB Tuckers Jutone In The Buff. 3rd PB Williamsonís Shellmead Anya. 1st SpYB Wardís Rustonville Elektra del Belezra. 3rd SpYB Keenís Clokellys Vittoria. 4th SpYB Gillís The Samba For Fame. 1st PGB Hensleyís Zuberg Lotti. 2nd PGB Greenís Grunbruders Bonnie. 3rd PGB Yates & Roxburghís Kalbeshan Willa at Gollygobble. 4th PGB Keenís Clokellys Vitalia. 1st OB&BOB Morganís Belezra Kelci. 2nd OB Tuckerís Jutones Lisa at Chrisinge. 3rd OB Minhinettís Venpatra Topaz. 1st VD/B Hensleyís Voneche Sashka at Zuberg.

      A reminder that the closing date for entries for Heads of the Valley Champ. Show is the 1st June. This is our nearest Champ. Show, it will be nice not to have to get up at the crack of doom to travel to a show to be there in time for the first classes.


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