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July 2010



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      I was judging GSDs at Exeter County Canine General Open Show last month. This was the first time they had put on eight classes for GSDs. The chief steward approached me and told me she would be stewarding in the GSD ring. The KC had been in touch to explain the procedure for action against double handling, and the Club was to put up notices around the ring about outside attraction. According to her, at a Champ. Show last year one of their stewards was attacked by a GSD exhibitor, (which I found hard to believe and she was not willing to elaborate further), and she was having none of that sort of behaviour. She addressed the exhibitors at the start of judging to warn them she would give one verbal warning and then the dog would be disqualified. There was to be no outside attraction at all. It was ironic that she was unknowingly attracting the exhibits by prowling around inside the ring. The dogs were watching her with their ears pricked up and alert expressions. She was so intent on keeping an eye on the people outside the ring, that one class had finished and I had to go across the ring to her to let her know. The GSD folk gave the Club an entry of 34 in 8 classes, for which I thank them. And then for the exhibitors to be pre-judged as troublemakers, and to set out to make an example of them, was disgraceful. I was pleased with the exhibitors and handlers who were very restrained under these circumstances. There were no dogs disqualified and I only saw her reprimanding one person. I am not keen on over the top outside attraction when it entails racing around the ring and screeching the dog’s name like a banshee. If over-attracted it does the exhibit no favours, pulling against the lead often gives the dog a short stepping hackneyed action at the front, unattractive hock action at the rear, and the backline goes all out of sync. At one show I was judging I had the Chief steward stewarding the GSDs. He mentioned to me after judging that he thought the exhibitors behaved very well as he did not see any double handling. There was but it was very subtle. An example was, when their dog was doing his individual, the wife walked several yards away and called back to the husband. “Have you got the car keys?” He held the keys above his head and rattled them calling out, “Yes, they’re here dear.”   The results from Exeter were 1st PD Hackney’s Bilnetts Diamond Raider. 2nd PD Minhinett’s Jaxsungate Janos. 1st YD Minhinett’s Belezra Torino. 2nd YD Ball’s Channbelle Chelsea Boy. 3rd YD Burgoine’s Kenine Bronson. 1st GD&BOB Swift’s Veneze Dino. 2nd GD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 3rd GD Ball’s Channbelle Hot Rod. 1st PB&BPIB Minhinett’s Jaxsungate Jaffa. 2nd PB Southcott’s Bilnetts Diamond Doll. 1st GB Southcott’s Fernspot Atlantic.  1st OB&RBOB Hensley’s Fahra vom Amulree. 2nd OB Southcott & Petrie’s Bilnetts Zapphire.

      Several people complained to me that my critiques from when I judged late last year were not in the magazine. They appeared in both dog papers. The KC only requires that critiques should be dispatched to at least one of the weekly United Kingdom Canine Journals. I do always send them in to the magazine, and it depends if there is space whether they are included or not. The majority are from General Open Shows and understandably Breed Shows and General Championship Shows take precedence.

      The two day show had the most changeable weather; going from so hot you had to be careful not to get sunburn, to so cold you considered putting a coat on, all in the same hour. It was an enjoyable show with a friendly atmosphere. Ken Duggan handled Bacchus for us and what a sterling job he did, they worked well together, many thanks. The judge of dogs was Günter Schwedes. 2nd PD Belfield & McKenzie’s Kassieger Cello. 3rd JD Minhinett’s Belezra Torino. 1st YD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. 2nd YD Swift’s Veneze Dino. 3rd LD Hensley, Vessey & Hiscox’s Zumander Bacchus. The bitch judge was Margit van Dorssen. 3rd MPB Cullen’s Veneze Frankie. 4th MPB Keen’s Clokellys Chipsi. 5th Minhinett’s Jaxsungate Jaffa. 5th PB Keen’s Clokellys Coco. 2nd JB Cullen’s Veneze Ellie. 4th YB Julian’s Gazjackhof Carly at Lindmark. 2nd LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa. 3rd OB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos.

      At Leicestershire GSD Club Champ. Show, dog judge John Ward, 3rd JD Belfield & McKenzie’s Kassieger Cello. 1st SpYD Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg. Bitch judge Liv Evjen, 4th SpYB Julian’s Gazjackhof Carly at Lindmark. 1st OB&RCC Cullen’s Veneze Chaos.

      At Blackpool & DCS Ch. Show, judge Carol Marsden. 1st OD&DCC&BOB&PG2 Cullen’s Ch. Elmo vom Hühnegrab. 1st PB&BPIB Cullen’s Veneze Furby. 2nd OB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos.

      I received the following e-mail from Ann BassettCassie (Kalbeshan Lindy) by Kalbeshan Yionor ex Lilit od Petkovica  has gained her KC Good Citizens Puppy Foundation Certificate, at the age of four months. She is training for the bronze award and silver awards and will be taking the tests shortly. Her proud owners are Tracey and Alastaire Thornton”.

      We have two Champ. Shows coming up in our area. The GSD Club of Devon on 24th July with judges Otto Körber-Ahrens, dogs, and Rudiger Mai, bitches. The South Western GSD Club on 8th August with judges Liz Cartledge, dogs, and Val Christopher, bitches.


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