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July 2009



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      Well done to Keith and Paula Butler, Ziggy (Jaquenetta Ziglione), handled by Paula was joint 5th out of an obedience novice class of  54. Paula and Ziggy had to do a run off for 5th and 6th placings, they won and gained the 5th rosette.

      That’s the Glastonbury Festival, which is held in Pilton, the perimeter safety fence being about twenty yards from the boundary of our property, done and dusted for another year. It is quite useful for introducing puppies to noise, people and vehicles.  I was walking the four month old puppy up the road, when a security vehicle screeched to a halt and a voice called out, ‘Stop I want to see your puppy!’ Two large security guards dressed all in black and wearing sunglasses approached. I felt a little intimidated, but the puppy never flinched. They knelt down, she went straight up to them, allowed them to make a fuss of her, then returned to me and sat by my feet. They were impressed with her confidant character. Apparently one of them trained dogs for working and exported them to America. He did tell me the name of his business, but on the way home I was accosted by a neighbour who wanted to know if we had had any intruders in the garden in the night, and proceeded to give me a detailed account of why she suspected people had walked through her garden. Then she took me on a tour of her broken flowerpots, crushed plants and trampled grass. When I reached home I could not remember the name he had told me. He took my telephone number as he was interested in a male puppy to train up and keep for himself; he dealt mainly in Malinois, but wanted to keep his GSD lines going. He was surprised to learn the puppy came from all German showlines, her great grandsires consist of two double seigers, a seiger and a VA. At the festival someone in the crowd was holding up a framed picture of a GSD, I have been trying to find out why, with no success as yet.

      At the GSDL of GB Open Show under dog judge Shirley Hutchinson, 3rd SpYD Aldridge’s Edser Anton.

      At West Yorks Champ. Show under dog judge Melanie Groth 3rd PD Davies Silverleigh Vermer. Under bitch judge Eric Bösl 6th LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      Congratulations to John and Pauline with Elmo vom Hühnegrab ( Picture Below ) going V3 under dog judge René Rudin at the Swiss Sieger Show.



      I have just returned from Germany after mating Pepsi. Peter has been incapacitated for a while now, so Larry gave me a lift over. Everything was going fine until the car would not start after we stopped in a service station about three hours away from the stud dog; but that is another story.

      I was offered the chance to go to the Italian Sieger this year. I looked up the date to find it is on the 18th, 19th & 20th September. I am judging GSDs at Eastbourne & DCS on the 20th of September, I was asked and accepted back in February 2008.


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