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January 2010



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      At the GSD Club of Essex under dog judge Molly Hunter, 2nd MPD Meaton’s Moonwinds Torres. 1st PD&BPD Cullen’s Veneze Erik. 5th JD Cullen’s Veneze Dino. 1st PGD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 3rd LD Cullen’s Veneze Connor. Under bitch judge Jean Duff, 2nd PGB Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kesenberg. 1st LB Keen’s Clokellys Lola. 4th LB Cullen’s Veneze Chaos.

      Carol Keen’s Clokellys Lagos has qualified SchH3 and passed KK1 and was placed V7 in a large class at a recent show in Germany.

      In the Dog World paper the column Clarges Street Clarion by Trumpeter was once again making caustic remarks about GSDs and GSD people. I find it difficult to be expected to take on board the opinion of anyone that does not have the courage of their convictions and hides behind a Pseudonym. If you write in and argue against them then you acknowledge their validity. This unwilling to write under their own name unidentified personage pontificated for several paragraphs about CCs and GSD Clubs. Not content with this vitriolic outburst they then had to enforce their opinion with another side-swipe at us and our dogs when discussing all-rounder judges. They stated, ‘Surely most breeds ought to recognise that a healthy mixture of breed specialist judges and multi breed judges brings a balance. If they are competent people – that balance can be of great benefit to a breed. It ought to stop the worst excesses and exaggerations that some breeds get into, when they have too many specialist judges. Just take German Shepherds as one topical example. There the specialist judges dominate. Look how much good that has done for the GSD breed in the show ring.’  As an example, I class myself as a breed specialist having lived alongside GSDs and all that entails since the 1970’s, and having passed all the relevant exams and assessments, and attended all the seminars, to qualify to judge GSDs at the highest level. I have judged nine shows since passing the Breed Council exam and being put on their B judging list. I do written critiques on every dog judged, and also verbal ones at the Open Breed Show.  At the last show I judged in November there were three GSD classes with twelve dogs exhibited, a mixture of ‘Middle-of –the –road’, ‘English’ and ‘International’ types. Whatever type is exhibited I endeavour to be as fair as possible, the dog as a whole, the faults and virtues, are taken in to consideration to decide which animal is the most correct to the standard. The bitch I placed 4th out of 4 in the Open Class I discovered afterwards had previously won a CC under an all-rounder judge. If Trumpeter maintains that such widely differing views between breed specialists and multi breed judges will result in a balance that can be of benefit to the breed he needs to get his scales calibrated.

      While on the subject of judges a KC spokesman has said “The General Committee has confirmed that breed clubs can add a requirement to their B list criteria that judges should have undertaken and passed the relevant seminars/assessments and the General Committee would encourage them to do so.’ And according to the KC Gazette the KC are clamping down on judges who do not comply with Regulation F(1)22.d. which states, ‘All judges at Championship Shows and Open Breed Club Shows must produce a written critique for the first two placings in each class, and will dispatch these to at least one of the weekly United Kingdom Canine journals.’ I have judged at General Open Shows that included in their judging contract that the appointment is subject to the following conditions, one of which was ‘That you will forward a critique of the dogs judged to the Canine Press within 28 days of the show.’

      What a super surprise a DVD of the 1986 BGSDTC Spectacular Show and two DVDs of the 1984 Two Day Show was sent in a Christmas Card. I cannot thank the person enough. We spent several enjoyable afternoons watching them. At both Shows the weather was good and there was rather a lot of flesh on show. One handler, not mentioning any Larry names, was fully clothed in one class, in the next class he had removed his trousers, the class after that he had removed his shirt. I was wondering whether to watch anymore as I had not long had my lunch. Luckily the weather must have become cooler as in the next class the shirt had gone back on. Both CC winners came from the junior classes. Trevor and Pauline Harvey’s Muscava’s Rocky and Paul Rattigan’s Jupaala Franci. The Champions parade, the Progeny parades and the Imports parade were particularly interesting. It must have been useful when planning one’s breeding programme to be able to see in the flesh so many of the top dogs and bitches, both homebred and imported, of the time.



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