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January 2008



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      We went to the Heads of the Valley Open Show. Awful weather to start with, the rain made the show ring a trifle treacherous. All the handlers coped well with the conditions, most were wearing football boots; Ann Swift was wearing a fetching pair of pink Hunter Wellingtons. I was impressed with Sharon Bowen’s performance in Open Dog. She was handling a strong dog, there was a lot of slipping and sliding, but she managed to maintain her balance and keep her dignity intact throughout. After lunch the ring was moved for the bitch classes and the weather improved. John and Pauline’s daughter, Karen, did the catering which was extremely good and up to the standard we have seen at LG Shows in Germany, with a good variety of main courses and desserts. Another show with a pleasant atmosphere despite the weather conditions. Every so often when someone wanted to leave we played shuffle the cars in the car park, as everyone wanted at least two wheels to be on terra firma, and a lot of the parking area is grassed. Apparently there was a rumour circulating after the show (isn’t there always) that there was some bad behaviour at this show. I believe this could refer to an incident after the judging had finished, when two ladies had a slight disagreement over one of the draw prizes. It was good to see John Inkpen handling in the ring again. We have not seen him at a show since he handled our bitch for us about ten years ago. Our usual handler had let us down as he opted to handle Bedwins Zapatero (Bedwins Lesko x Bedwins Iffi) as a better bet, he was right as it happens she was placed first in the class and I think she went BOB. It was at the South Western GSDC Open Show judged by Sue Belfield. At HOV Dean Bryant judged both sexes. 1st MPD Adamson, Phillips, Jackson & Munkley’s Aiko of Peterwell. 2nd MPD Green & Swift’s Monksley Murphy. 2nd PD Morris’s Kalbeshan Figo at Gollygobble. 1st JD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Dannie at Jutone. 2nd YD Green & Swift’s Janos Bauernhaus. 1st PGD Roe’s Graybeck Eiko.2nd PGD Irving’s Bodanthor Omega Force. 1st LD Morris’s Gollygobble Godwyn. 1st OD & BD Green & Tolputt’s Videx Omar at Devat. 2nd OD Silverleigh Estor. 1st MPB & BPB Lewis’s Maewyns Bibi. 2nd MPB Williamson’s Shellmead Anja. 2nd JB Williamson’s Silverleigh Queen. 3rd JB Adamson, Phillips, Jackson & Munkley’s Peterwell Yolande. 5th JB Davies c/o Irving’s Silverleigh Chance. 2nd SpYB Cooper & Ward’s Usharrgo Malan. 3rd SpYB Hensley’s Fahra v Amulree. 5th SpYB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 1st LB Phillips’s Gwilyms Dallas. 2nd LB Adamson, Phillips, Jackson & Kelsall’s Brenberry Battista. 2nd OB Ward & Morgan’s Astana Callie. 3rd OB Shepherd’s Lindmark Matilda. 1st VD/B Hensley’s Zuberg Deenika.

      At GSDC of Essex Champ Show 2nd PB was Kessel & Brimacombe’s Conbhairean Nathalie at Kessenburg not 4th as I placed her in last month’s issue. I actually watched the class and saw her come second to her litter sister, so I have no excuse for getting it wrong.

      One of the Dog Papers reported that one of the group winners at the Helsinki Show was a White Swiss Shepherd Dog, bred in the UK by Reg Fitzpatrick and registered here as a GSD. Apparently in FCI countries white GSDs are treated as a separate breed, but how does a KC registered white GSD after being exported become a different breed of dog? If the dog were to be re-imported what would the dog be re-imported as, a white GSD or a White Swiss Shepherd Dog? We got out the KC  BRS and found a litter bred by a Mr.R.J. Fitzpatrick on the 20th October 2004, by Bridgeview White Tiger out of Norsetom Ronomets; a dog from this litter Snamerto Staomner was exported to Finland, it would be interesting to know if this is the dog in mention.

      Also I did not realise long coated GSDs have their own shows in Germany, and the dogs are given the same classes and grading as normal coated dogs shown at OG and LG Shows. Peter was searching for Pepsi’s litter brother and sister, he found her sister had been shown when a puppy and placed VV4 at a show. He looked up the show she was at, discovered it was for long haired GSDs, and that they have their own website as well.

      Ever since I have owned GSDs I have fed adults on raw meat/tripe and wholemeal/wholegrain mixer plus supplements. Puppies are fed five meals a day to include raw beef, milk replacer with cereal or puppy biscuit and eggs plus vitamin and mineral supplements. The protein meals and supplements are fed individually to each puppy, the milky meals are shared meals. We use Panacur for worming puppies as it is the only licensed treatment for Giardia, this is a tiny protozoan parasite which produces foul smelling diarrhoea often with blood present and a high temperature. The treatment is with Panacur 10% liquid at a rate of 0.5ml per kilo bodyweight daily for three days. We worm our puppies with Panacur 10% at 3wks, 5wks, and 8wks. They are weighed each time and given 0.5ml per kilo daily for 3dys with the first meat meal of the day. So as well as destroying worms it also destroys any Giardia if present. We start feeding the puppies on scraped raw beef (this starts off their strong stomach juices which break down the meat and destroy bacteria, also as their mother is fed raw meat and licks them they are used to the bacteria from birth) three days before their first worming, so that they have had solid food in their stomachs for several meals when they are given the worming liquid. I hold them and massage their throats to ensure they swallow and Peter puts the exact amount into their mouths with a syringe. Then I feed them their meat meal by hand and put them straight on to one of their mother’s teats. At 5wks and 8wks the correct amount of liquid wormer is measured out by syringe and mixed with their meat meal, as they are fully weaned off by then. We have heard of breeders having problems after using this wormer, but we started using it about 20yrs ago and have never had any ill effects from it. We rear our puppies to have plenty of bone and substance, but not overweight, we weigh them every week from birth, (the ideal is a gain of 0.5ozs per day). During daylight hours they are allowed to run free and sleep when they want, but their meals are always at the same time each day. My father and Granfer were farmers and you know how farmers usually have their eye to the money. When father was selling some calves I often went to the market with him. The majority of the calves were bought by dealers, they knew who produced the best quality calves and paid well for them. They would not waste their money on poorly brought up specimens even though they could buy them cheap. So if a farmer wanted a good price for his animal it was in his own interests to rear it well. (Sorry I seem to have done a Graham Mabbutt and strayed completely off the subject of dogs and on to other livestock). It is most disheartening when a puppy goes to their new home in really good condition, and the next time you see them they have lost all their condition and muscle tone or are overweight.

      Bob and Sue Elliott have a litter of 6 dogs, & 1 bitch, by Pakros out of their Mack v Aducht daughter.

      We have just heard that the Hilla x Pakros puppy and the Pepsi x Xeno puppy we exported to Jamaica were 1st and 2nd in their class at a show over there.


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