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January 2005



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      Thanks to Mark Collins who rang with the results of Exonian CS judge Mrs Fisher- Garside.1st P&BPIB Collins, Rambridge&Sygrove’s Tramella Arni. 2nd P Butler’s Voneche Edition. 3rd P  Green’s Grunbruders Carly. 1st SpY & BOB Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 2nd SpY Elston’s Zylvandantian Echo.  1st G Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne. 3rd Elston’s Blitzenheim Calypso. 1st L Green’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders. 1st OD Butler& Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 2nd OD Swift’s Copybush Declan. 3rd OD Gray’s Slatehouse Mannus. 1st OB Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg. Congratulations to Sarah Julian on Lyric gaining his last point needed to qualify him for his junior warrant at this show.

      Well done to the Cornwall Branch of BAGSDs members, Gill Ward and Belezra Jett, Andrew Aldridge and Belezra High Calibre of Edser, and Richard Morgan and Belezra Kelci, on passing the B.H. test at the Severnside Club, South Wales.

      We attended the Crewe & N. Staffs Champ.Show. the last time we went to this show was 1996 with our Trienzbachtal bitch and Moonwinds were showing their new sable import Dago v Arlett. We did not show our dog, he is out of the young classes now and looks too immature for the adult classes at the moment, we may retire him and bring him back out for Veteran, he should look finished by then. I noticed that a CC winner and a couple of Res. CC winners in our breed came from the Veteran classes in 2004.  Judge for dogs was Tony Howson. 4th MPD Richards’ Romainville Vincenti von Jadema. 2nd JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric.6th JD Green’s Jutone Ghorbi at Grnbruders. 8th MPB Phillips& Summers’ Gwilym’s Dallas. 5th PB Davies&Wilkins Eyanika Bianka. 7th JB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 2nd SpYB Keen’s Clokellys Laurena. 3rd OB Meaton’s Dotty v Bierstadter Hof.

      I read in the K.C. Gazette for January that ‘ At its meeting held on 23 November the General Committee approved the following restriction on Rough Collie colour registrations, effective from 01 January 2005: Sable & white; tricolour; blue merle; non-standard. Perhaps they may now look favourably on a request from the GSD breed regards non-standard colours being registered. I noted a litter of 10 in the latest BRS,  4 Black&Tan, 2 Blue Sable, 2 Red sable, 2 Blue&Tan. A litter of 4,2 Blue & Gold, 2 Blue & Sable. A litter of 9, 4 Blue Sable, 1 Gold Sable, 3 Blue & Gold, 1 Black&Gold. A litter of 10, 4 Apricot & White, 3 Black, 2 White, 1 Chocolate Sable.  Other colours mentioned besides the usual are Black & Silver, Black & Red, Silver Sable, Tricolour, Black & Sable, Black Tan & Gold, Blue, Cream Sable, Black Tan & Sable, Silver Grey, Black Sable, Black Gold & Sable, Black Gold & Silver, Black & Cream, Gold with Black Mask, Sable & Black, Mink, Golden, Black & White.

      We went to the Heads of the Valley open show, always a friendly atmosphere, a little quieter this year as Ronnie Green had hurt her ankle the day before and was confined to the clubhouse. Hope you are well on the mend Ronnie!  A special mention must be made of young Christian Davies, who was a little trouper and second stewarded for Glynis Appleby and Howard Jones all day. BOB on the Referee Joan Jones decision was Nikonis Colin. Dog judge was Karen Sygrove. 1st MPD & BPD Butler’s Voneche Edition. 1st  PD Richards’ Romainville Vincenti von Jadema.1st JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 2nd SpYD Ward’s Belezra Jett. 3rd SpYD Keen’s Clokellys Titian. 1st PGD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica. 1st LD Butler & Pearson’s Macrompian Fedz at Voneche. 2nd LD Evans & Summers’ Anntrefs Edison. 2nd OD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre of Edser. Bitch judge was  John Chisholm.3rd MPB Phillips’ Gwilyms Dallas. 5th MPB Holmes’ Jutones Inga.2nd PB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Bianka. 5th PB Cullen’s Veneze Zeta. 6th PB Holmes’ Uptonangels Von Astra Amani.5th JB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti.6th JB Lewis’ Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 7th JB Green’s Grunbruders Bellanne. 8th JB Cullen’s Veneze Zena. 3rd SpYB Keen’s Clokellys Laurena. 4thSpYB Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 5th SpYB Elliott’s Toilers Vera. 6th SpYB Hughes’ Bretforton Nicola. 2nd PGB Roberts’ Mortoff Roma of Komodo. 3rd PGB Hunt & Summers’ Jubectons Abbie. 1st LB Cooper’s Belezra Jenna von Usharrgo.2nd LB Elliott’s Toilers Sky. 3rd LB Houle’s Belezra Geena of Auriga. 4th LB Roe’s Porzella Doll at Shiroe. 2nd OB Shepherd’s Lindmark Leika at Blitzenheim. 1st V Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg.2nd V Hills’ Samsarix Chanel. 3rd V Chaplin’s Gillingsdales Macdillan.

      Denise Hensley rang with the results of the Weston-Super-Mare CS open Show, which is held near us at the Bath & West Showground.. The judge was Bill Jackson 1st J & BOB Hensley’s Zuberg Lotti. 1st PG&RBOB Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 1st O Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg.

      Shows in the area, GSDC of Bristol are holding their open show on  27th February.



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