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February 2008



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      At Manchester Champ. Show under judge Carol Marsden. 1st MPD Green & Swiftís Monksley Murphy. 3rd PGD Bowen & Julianís Lararth Sonny. 2nd LB Phillips & Summers Gwilymís Dallas. Well done at this show to well-known GSD exhibitors Linda Barclay and Keith Williamson, whose Swedish Vallhund Starvon Like Wot U C at Korzwin gained the DCC, went on to win BOB and was short-listed in the last six in the Pastoral Group by judge Brenda Banbury.

      Well done also to Ruth Cahill who was the CD and UD winner out of an entry of 27 in each, with her GSD Vomkyna Boruss at the Midland Border Collie Club Championship Working Trial.

      Dave Edmunds rang to let me know his dogs were appearing in the T.V. series Primeval. I watched it and thought they gave a good performance, he has trained them well.  They are also appearing in another T.V. series Trial & Retribution later this month.

      I do not give verbal critiques on the dogs after each class at general shows because of the KC Show reg. 2007 F(1)21 2t Judges are not permitted to make any oral commentary on the dogs until after the conclusion of all their judging. Breaches of KC F regs may result in fines against clubs, exhibitors or judges. In one 18 month period 124 fines totalling £6,900 were imposed; clubs 50 fines, exhibitors 37 fines, judges 37 fines. The KC get enough of my money without giving them a reason to obtain more. The GSD Breed Council requested and were granted permission for verbal critiques to be given at breed shows, so I have given them at breed shows as well as written critiques, which is not an either/or as some judges seem to think.

      Shows in the area are GSDC of Wales, 30th March, judge Albert Balmer, and GSDC of Bristol 6th April, judge Keith Williamson.


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