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February 2007



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      Jo Lewis emailed the news that Kynie (Maewyns Abaca) and Jet (Maewyns Ashca) have gained their KCGCS Silver at ten months. Timba (Maewyns Anger) owned by Steve and Denise Kinsella passed her KCGCS Bronze. Well done to all.

      Larry and Anna have a litter of twelve (one bitch, eleven dogs) out of Pinedo Qinqajou at Gollygobble by Figo v d Lust.

      At Manchester Champ Show under judge Stephen Hall 1st PD Cullen’s Veneze Basco. 2nd PGD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 2nd VD Cooper’s Clokelly’s Giacomo at Leroaine. 1st PB Cullen’s Veneze Bree. 3rd PB&4th JB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca.

      Many thanks to everyone who contributed to an entry of 47 for Plymouth & DCS. At the beginning of the year I accepted to judge GSDs at a General Open Show in November. Then I had a telephone call from the secretary to ask if I would also judge two classes of junior handling. I thought about it and declined. I have judged junior handling in GSDs but I do not know enough about how other breeds are handled and judged, the pattern work, triangles and so on. I know from stewarding that one breed is measured when being judged, another is weighed. Some are examined on a table by the judge. Some are baited in the show ring. Some are continually being brushed and combed when in the ring. Some toy breeds are shown on a box. I felt it would not be fair to the young competitors to be judged by someone who most probably knew less about the handling and presentation of their breed of dog than they did. It annoys me that some committees take the exhibitor’s money without giving them a fair deal in return.

      At Bolton & DGSDC Champ Show. Results down to sixth place. Dog judge Brigid Fahy-Newlands. 1st PD&BPD Cullen’s Veneze Basco. 4th YD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 6th PGD Pearson’s Voneche Edition. 4th LD Cooper’s Clokelly,s Giacomo at Leroaine. Bitch judge Henning Setzer. 4th PB Cullen’s Veneze Bree. 6th PGB Green’s Grunbruders Darcie. 6th OB Meaton’s Moonwinds Foxi.

      Shows in the area, GSDC of Wales on Sunday 25th March judge Craig Rice, the schedule and entry form can be down loaded from our website. Bridgwater & DCS Premier Open Show (BOB winners in certain breeds qualify for Crufts, GSDs included) on Good Friday April 6th at Bath & West Showground near Shepton Mallet, judge Sandra Tucker.

      I was reading Sylvia Kozhevar’s editorial in an old GSDL of GB magazine. She wrote that she could tell if a puppy was a long coat at a few days old by the hair around their eyes, but she did not elaborate. Can anyone enlighten me? It would be useful to know early on that the most promising puppy in the litter was a long coat, instead of hoping for several weeks it was not. I read somewhere that a long coat dog is one with hair over two inches long on his back. We sold a puppy about ten years ago as a long coat to a policeman, he sent us a photo a year later of a black and red gold very glamorous coated bitch, who luckily, though not a long coat, he would not swap for anything because she had such a super character.

      It is interesting to watch the inter-action of the dogs when they live with you in the house. We whelp the bitches in a sectioned off part of the kitchen. At a few weeks old the puppy wandered into the part where the adult dogs were lying, and tiddled on the tiled floor. Reuben is a strong and substantial impressive male, a confident character  who struts around keeping the others in order. When you tell him to do something he looks at you with a ‘are you talking to me?’ mafia godfather expression. He got up, went over to the puppy, licked up his puddle and proceeded to clean the puppy’s bits. We were amazed at his gentleness. He looked at us as if to say; the male of our species was helping to look after their offspring, (it is not for me to tell him he’s not his son), long before you humans thought you were being innovative by persuading the male of your species to change nappies.

      My mother asked me what we named the one male puppy.

“Zumander Bacchus,” I replied.

“Bacchus?” she queried.

“The Greek God of wine.”

“He’s not Greek.”

“No, but he does whine a lot.”


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