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February 2005



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      Congratulations to the Hall family on gaining the BCC & BOB at Bolton with Vonderoak Roma, a tenuous connection with the S.W., as she is a granddaughter of Jaquenetta Jinnistan. Congratulations also to Richard and Linzi Morgan on Belezra Kelci gaining the RBCC. Other results from Bolton under dog judge Mo Lakin were 1st JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 1st PGD Aldridge’s Belezra High Calibre at Edser. 6th PGD Davies & Wilkins Lindanvale Hondo at Eyanica. Under bitch judge Franz-Peter Knaul 1st MPB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian. 2nd MPB Phillips & Summers Gwilyms Dallas. 2nd PB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Bianka. Ist SpYB & RCC Morgan’s Belezra Kelci. 4th SpYB Meaton’s Moonwinds Fygi. 2nd PGB Davies & Wilkins Eyanica Angie.

      At Manchester, judge Di Stirling, 1st JD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric. 2nd PB Davies & Wilkins Eyanika Bianka. 3rd PGB Adamson, Phillips & Meaton’s Moonwinds Fenza. 4th PGB Davies’ Silverleigh Niamh.

      Concerning the judges debate I am one of life’s cynics. Even when I am the judge and I read through the catalogue after the show to see the names of the dogs I have placed, I can usually find a connection between some of them and myself. It must be so with most people. If you adhere to Shakespeare’s words, “This above all: to thine own self be true,” then what disgruntled exhibitors interpret as contrivances you know yourself to be coincidences. Someone even bought me The Cynics Autograph book dated 1911 with little gems in it like,

‘Experience makes the cynic, lack of it the fool.’

‘It is the power of speech that often develops a man’s weakness.’

‘One obtains success to-day more by the noise that one makes than by the talent one has.’

‘The man who accepts favours mortgages his peace of mind.’

‘How few people who have nothing to say say nothing.’

      In Joanne Johnson’s breed notes for Rottweilers in Dog World (Dec 31st) she states, ‘Colin’s own police dog is due to retire in Jan and we have a Rottweiler-cross at home as his potential new dog…………..He appears to be a Rottweiler GSD cross………….There are a lot more first crosses working in forces now as the struggle for suitable police dogs continue.” It annoys me that the police keep criticizing the breed. I sometimes wonder if they really know the true temperament of the GSD, as I have known them to reject calm quiet confident dogs, and to accept nervous noisy ones. I know which type I would want by my side in a lonely place on a dark night. I was always told that one reason the GSD is such a good working dog is because it never bears a grudge or sulks. I find this to be true, having lived with between two to six GSDs everyday for over twenty-five years, it gives one a pretty good idea of their character.

      Shows in our area, the GSDC of Wales Open Show on 20th March.


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