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December 2009



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      At the W&PB of Scotland under judge Eric Broadhurst, 1st PD Cooperís Leroaine Marlo. 2nd YD Cooperís Leroaine Bravlio. 1st LD&DCC&BOB Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur.

      I was in Germany that weekend mating the bitch which missed in July. We left at 4.30 a.m. Thursday and arrived at our destination at 5.00 p.m. Friday in time to blood test that evening. We went to the house of a friend for a meal and to await the result. The Vet rang him to say the bitch was ready. He rang the person looking after Panjo to arrange the stud. He agreed 10.00 a.m. the next day, and the same time Monday as they were going to a show Sunday (his Panjo son was SG1 and the daughter SG3 at the show). Unusually not only had we been allowed a return stud but also two matings this time. The dog has an excellent character and he seems to pass this on. Our friend has used him several times and his three year old daughter, Anna-Lena, handles one of the resultant off-spring Johanne v Modithor. She gained second place in the puppy class at the Slovenia Sieger Show with her. After the mating our friend took us to a Boxer Schutzhund Club as he wanted to do some training with his SchH3 GSD, and his club had closed for the winter. I did not like seeing the Boxer dogs being trained on pinch collars and strung up on their leads. They were being trained on the new type of pinch collar that looks like a normal collar on the outside. The owners were handing the dogs over to the coach, as he was known, to train them by this method. I admitted to our friend that I couldnít do that. I was relieved when it was the GSD, Enrice v Modithorís turn. I was also a little anxious as the Club expected high standards from their own dogs and I had not seen Enrice work. I need not have worried the dog hit the sleeve with a full bite, the helper stumbled a bit as he was ready to swing him round as he did the Boxers, but they were smaller and lighter than the GSD and he was only a little chap. The dog released on command. His dam is an Ursus daughter and he is a grandson of Dux de Cuatro Flores who is known for passing on good character.

      A Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to everyone reading this.



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