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December 2008



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      Well done to Belezra Jett on qualifying SchH2 handled by Gill, and well done to Astana Callie del Belezra qualifying SchH1 handled by Richard.

      At the W&PBA of Scotland Champ. Show under judge Jean Livingstone. 4th OD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny.

      It seems because people could not get in touch with me, judging appointments have been turned down on my behalf. One was for a Champ. Show for which I am not yet eligible, but it would have been nice to have thanked the people in person for thinking of me and hope they would consider me again at a later date. Another was for an Open Show in Ireland, but the person speaking for me thought it would be too far to travel for the number of classes. Several years ago the number of dogs needed to become a Champ. Show judge was counted on the number of dogs entered at a show, now it is counted as the dogs actually exhibited and judged at a show. With the higher entries in the shows then, the criteria would probably have been fulfilled in a few shows. Nowadays with between 20 to 40 in total exhibited at Open Breed Shows and less at General Open Shows, it takes much longer to reach the required number of dogs judged. So the many miles travelled to find only a few dogs to judge has to be accepted as part of the effort needed; every dog judged counts and it all adds to experience. There is also a lot of travelling involved to take the KC and BC exams; which thankfully I have now completed, and stewarding; which I have not completed. I am not complaining, I think you should have to do a lot of reading, learning, observing dogs and put in a lot of time and effort (I will not mention the money) into qualifying as a Champ. Show judge of GSDs. There are also people in the breed that have an in-depth knowledge about GSDs, have the experience and judge well at Open Show level, but when it comes to writing it down seem unable to express themselves well enough to pass an exam. For these people I would suggest a thorough oral examination by an interview panel of knowledgeable breeders/judges, followed by the assessments. As a person can pass all of these exams learning by rote, and still not have a natural ability and the ‘eye’ to sort out a line up of dogs. Whereas a person could fail the written exams but have a natural ability and an ‘eye’ for a good dog, and they are lost to the breed because they are not academically minded. I also think there should be some sort of test of their knowledge of GSDs before a person is entrusted to judge an Open Breed Show, and preferably do a few years gaining experience at General Canine Open Shows first. As far as I am aware all the requirements needed for a person to be able to judge an Open Breed Show is to be placed on a GSD Breed Club B list.

      Reported in a Dog World article entitled ‘Costs bring cut in number of police dogs’ it states ‘Police forces are reducing the number of dogs they use because of the cost of their upkeep. The handlers of the dogs have been asked if they want to keep their animals. If they do not, the dogs are being given to rescue centres where they will stay because they are unsuitable for pet homes, one police force said.’ In the KC BRS several litters are bred every year by the police forces, if any of these dogs are homebred then the responsibility for them should be with the breeder!

      The GSDC of Wales Open Show is 29th March 2009, the judge is Egidio Esposito (Degli Achei). They are also holding a breed survey with David Bowen as the Surveyor.

      This is to prepare you for all those Christmas cracker jokes. There is now Viagra in a powder form, you sprinkle it in your tea. It does nothing for your sex life, but it stops your biscuit from going soggy when you dunk it.

      A merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone and their dogs, and I wish you all you wish yourselves and more.


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