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December 2006



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      I am, Sheila. You should know women are always right. Heads of the Valley GSDC changed the date from the 10th to the 3rd of December to avoid the clash with Crewe & N. Staffs.

      Our eighteen months old bitch Danae went awol at about 11am one morning. We have not had a dog escape before and on investigation we found, ( probably chasing after something ), that she had jumped against some rotten wood and it gave way. She could not find her way back into the garden. We searched all round the village and surrounding fields and informed the Police. A neighbour had seen her, but did not think she was ours because she had never seen one of ours out on their own in over twenty-five years of living here. Luckily this neighbour was at a meeting of the local chapter of Hell’s Grannies and mentioned that one of our dogs had gone missing. A woman who lived a few miles away said she had seen an Alsatian in her driveway lit up by the headlights of her car, when she was on the way out. The neighbour rang us to let us know. Peter rushed over to the area where she had been seen, slowed down to pass a car in the lane and asked the driver if she had seen a German Shepherd dog. She had seen her running in the fields near Bourne Farm, which is not a working farm but the base for a world wide staging company. Peter drove up the driveway, got out of the car in the dark, called her name and in seconds she was by his side. What a relief to find her safe and sound after eight hours searching.

      At Stroud & District CS, judge Jean Hiscox. 1st P&BPIB Lewis’s Maewyns Abaca. 2nd P Wheeler’s Schwarzberg Sven. 3rd Kelsall’s Brenberry Celandia. 1st SpY&BOB Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 2nd SpY Morris’s Garavic Bailey. 3rd SpY Davis’s Yamask Highroad Wonder. 4th SpY Hopkins Greusenberg Atol. 5th SpY Vickerman’s Fizare Aeronica at Annacourt. 1st G Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 2nd G Cooper’s Maxsamben Kooper at Leroaine. 3rd G Hopkins Marlish Dahab. 1st PG&RBOB Cooper’s Reliant Veilia at Leroaine. 2nd PG Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 1st O Lewis’s Morrow Akuna at Maewyns. 2nd O Price’s Marlish Cadeau.

      I was watching Q.I. on BBC 2, Stephen Fry was reading out a newspaper article about a guide dog in Germany named Lucky. Apparently Lucky is soon to have a fifth owner, his other four owners died while in Lucky’s charge. His first owner was run over by a bus, he walked his second owner off a pier, he pushed his third owner in front of the Frankfurt to Cologne train, and the fourth owner he left in traffic and ran off to safety. The spokesman Gerbart was asked if he would be telling his fifth owner of Lucky’s previous owners, he said, “No, it would make the owner nervous and when the owner is nervous it makes Lucky nervous and when he is nervous he is liable to make silly mistakes. We need guide dogs and good guide dogs are hard to come by.” A way of saving disability pensions?  I noticed when in Germany that the pedestrian crossing lights seem to change rather quickly; they must be timed to a sprightly walk across the road. I think they are designed to downsize the aging population, if the old and infirm do not make it across in time that is their old age pension saved.

      When I was stewarding the other week one of the judges I stewarded for in the utility group was Pat Lord, her affix is Huxlor and she was in G.S.Ds for many years. She went to shows with a group of people including Yvonne James. It was interesting talking to her about past G.S.Ds, people in the breed, and the G.S.D. scene at present.

      Wishing all German Shepherds and their owners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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