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December 2005



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      Sadly our last Renja daughter and oldest bitch Jaquenetta Rosalind was put to sleep to save further suffering. It is difficult to make the decision to end the life of your dog, but you have to ask yourself Ďam I keeping them alive for their sake or mine.í The other dogs have grown up with Rosa always being there, but they are showing no signs of missing her. I recall the story of the dog owner who wondered what her dogs would do if she died while they were with her. She was having a cup of coffee and a couple of Jaffa cakes and decided to pretend to have a heart attack. As she lay prostrate on the floor the dogs ignored her and polished off her Jaffa cakes. That sums up my lot! Although I owned GSDs from the late 1970s, we did not think about showing until the 1990s and Rosa was the first one we exhibited. Her first show was the GSD League of GB Champ Show, where she was about half way in the line up. She was a natural effortless gaiter, which was just as well as we did not take her training often. She was inbred on the Trienzbachtal Siegerins and had a glamorous black and red gold coat. We only took her to the odd show, she gained a first under Carol Sykes at Leicester who described her as a very freemoving bitch and a first under Percy Elliott at South Western GSD Club. Terry Hannan breed surveyed her Class I*  and Davy Hall summed her up in his critique at the Q.A.R where she was handled by Andrew Connolly as Ď more of a picture on the move than in stance.í

Midland Counties GSD Association Ė Judges  Dogs - Eddy Stephenson  5th MPD Wardís Belezra Nicam, 6th JD Butler / Pearsonís Voneche Edition, 4th LD Julianís Zuberg Lyric JW, 3rd OD Green / Tolputtís Videx Omar at Devat. Bitchs - Joe Summerhill  4th PB Cullenís Veneze Ali, 2nd LB Meatonís Moonwinds Foxi.

      I had an e-mail from Sharon Arnold, she entered her puppy 'Kat' at Exeter all breeds open show and went BP & BOB and group 3 in the pastoral group. She has four GSDs in total, two she works in Obedience  Norwulf Alexander Rose of Silveracs won Novice Obedience at GSD of Devon. Sharon asks are there any GSD enthusiasts in this area willing to get together for training say once a month to start off with.

      Glynis Appleby has messaged me that she has British Sieger CD for sale at £10 and people wishing to buy one should contact her.

      A merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone who has a GSD in their heart and in their home.



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