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August 2007



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      Congratulations to Heather, David and Jim on Conbhairean Leska becoming a Champion. I was pleased to note that after gaining BOB at NW&PBS they entered the Pastoral Group, where they were placed Group three. I cannot give the critique of judge Albert Wight, as I read somewhere that a judge’s critique is copyright to them, suffice to say that he was very complimentary about Leska in stance and on the move: which appeared in both dog papers along with her picture and can only help to raise the profile of the breed.

      At BGSDTC under dog judge Linda Barclay 4th PD Roxburgh & Yates Gollygobble Bert. 3rd JD Dodds Presidio Eros. 4th SpYD Roxburgh & Yates Gollygobble Cuchulain. 3rd PGD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. Bitch judge Gunther Muller 6th MPB Ward’s Belezra Paziva. 4th JB Aldridge’s Edser Estella. 6th PGB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian.

      People do become upset when someone makes detrimental comments about their dogs. It is inexcusable if it is ringside vindictiveness. But often people ask other people what they think of their dog, which could put them in an awkward position. I remember standing with Malcolm Griffiths at a show when this couple came up to him with their bitch. They asked him what he thought of her and which dog would he mate to her. I thought Malcolm handled it very diplomatically. He did not say this is wrong with your bitch and that is wrong with your bitch, but told them the virtues they needed in the stud dog that would compliment their bitch. So if they thought about it they could work out the faults in their bitch without Malcolm saying them straight out and risking offending them. Sometimes people thinking so much of their dog can work to advantage. Several years ago I used to visit a local public house that was also the local of a chap named Vic. He was a large man, an ex-boxer with huge hands as hard as iron. He had a Collie dog that went everywhere with him, it lay under his seat in the pub patiently all night. If the pub was very busy the landlord John would ask me to help out behind the bar, while I was doing so one evening Clive, a regular, had several drinks too many and was becoming obstreperous. Other customers were complaining, so I went over and whispered to him and he went quiet. John amazed asked what I had said to him. I replied, I warned Clive if he did not behave I would tell Vic that while he was in the toilet he had kicked his dog.

      Paignton & DDFA Champ. Show, no CCs for GSDs, under judge Jeff Luscott. 1st JD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 2nd PGD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd OD Tucker’s Jutones Ghorbi at Grunbruders. 4th OD Ch. Zuberg Lyric JW. 1st PB Minhinett’s Jaxsungate Babita. 2nd LB & 5th OB Bickford’s Ponway Hylite vom Psuedemore. 2nd OB Apps Zeline v Luttersbruch.

      NW&PBS Champ. Show under judge Carol Sykes 3rd JD Apps & Tucker’s Romainville Maclaren at Jutones. 2nd LD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 4th LB Apps Zeline v Luttersbruch.

      In Ray Sullivan’s news he quotes ‘ An individual has the right to lodge an objection to a dog “only if he/she is the handler of a dog competing in the same breed class.”’ I think it should read “ only if he/she is the owner or handler of a dog competing in the same breed or class.”

      Well done to John and Pauline exhibiting their young stock in Germany at LG12 on 8th July under judge Peter Arth Veneze Bree was SG2 in JKLH. LG6 on 15th July under judge Henning Setzer Veneze Basco SG6 in JKLR and under judge Joachim Stiegler Veneze Bree SG3 in JKLH.

      I had a telephone call from Dave Edmunds, he has been doing some more television work with his dogs. This time he hopes more than the tails appear on screen.

      We had an e-mail from Hilary Linnett owner of Jaquenetta Jinnistan at Conquell (Hugo) to let us know he has died. We registered the Jaquenetta affix in 1989 before that we used our cottage name Benleigh, but when we tried to register it as an affix the KC refused it. Hugo is the last one of our quarantine litter born in 1993 out of our first German Import Renja v Reeshoop ( Jack v Trienzbachtal x Venja v Fourniermuhlenbach a daughter of Mark v Haus Beck ). She was mated at the Sieger Show to the 1993 Sg5 Wilko v Kirschental ( Jeck v Noricum x Cardi v Kirschental a grand-daughter of Cello v d Romerau. Cardi’s dam was Quista a litter sister to Quant v Kirschental). Hugo’s hip score was 5:2 = 7 and his hip average for progeny scored was 17 with 80% under 20. He has given blood to help another dog. One of his son’s gained working trial qualifications, and he has a Champion grand-daughter Vonderoak Roma. Hilary and family lived in Spain for five years and Hugo went with them, they have returned to Britain and are now living in South Wales. We thank Hilary for giving Hugo such a good home, and a good life: which is what we all wish for our dogs.


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