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April 2010



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The old Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ is certainly relevant to the German Shepherd breed and all that is going on at the moment.

      Congratulations to Carol Keen going BOB at Crufts under judge Bob Kinsey with her homebred Clokellys Lagos. He had not long returned from Germany, where he qualified SchH3 and breed surveyed Kk1. Though the elation of her win was short lived, she was brought down with a bump by the TV coverage; akin to puckering up for a kiss and receiving a smack in the mouth instead. Carol rang me a few days after Crufts and sounded most upset by the media coverage of Lagos, and the damage it has done to his reputation and the breed in general. I sympathise with her, she was given no opportunity to defend Lagos, which must leave her very frustrated. BOB at Crufts is an achievement; do not let the behaviour of others take that fact away from you.

      Congratulations also to John and Pauline Cullen gaining BPIB with homebred Veneze Erik, a son of the 2008 Crufts BOB Zamp vom Thermados. Zamp may have passed on but like all good producers his legend lives on in his offspring. As they say ‘good dogs never die they just move further back in the pedigree.’ Other South West placings were 3rd PGD Andrews & Rees Nikonis Arthur. 4th OD Cullen’s Veneze Connor. 2nd LB Sheffield’s Willowdale Kiefa.

      It seems odd that BAGSDs is still a member club of the WUSV when the majority of the members of BAGSDs own other breeds of dog. A good friend of mine, who owns and works GSDs, served on one of the BAGSDs’ committees but felt forced to resign eventually, being outnumbered by owners of other breeds. In one incident a fellow committee member told him she did not even like GSDs. Excuse me! Had she not noticed the title of the Club of which she was a member? It seems to be that Obedience Shows make a lot more revenue for a club than Breed Shows, so in some GSD Clubs breed people are side-lined in favour of the people who bring in the money irrespective of the breed they own. When I was treasurer of a GSD Club the money made at the Obedience Shows would help towards subsidizing the Breed Shows.

      At the GSD Club of Wales 2nd PD Minhinett’s Belezra Torino. 3rd PD Aldridge’s Edser Dyan. 4th PD Melsome’s Felsental Ferrari. 3rd JD Swift’s Veneze Dino. 2nd PGD Aldridge’s Edser Anton. 3rd PGD Cross & Minhinett’s Romainville Charlie. 1st OD Bowen & Julian’s Lararth Sonny. 3rd PB Hensley’s Zuberg Xandina. 4th PB Kessel & Brimacombe’s  Conbhairean Vanta at Kesenburg. 1st PGB Aldridge’s Edser Elvina. 1st OB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian.

      There is now a working branch of the GSD League of GB in our area, based in Bristol, Avon Dog Sports Group. Anyone interested in training their dogs in the Schutzhund disciplines, the BH and so on, can contact Dave Edmunds telephone no.  01179501579. He has an e-mail address but he never uses it, as far as computer communication is concerned he is still in the land of the Luddites.

      The SWW&PBA Open Show is on the 1st May, held at Hand Equestrian Centre, Clevedon. The GSDs have a good sized outside ring and the judge is Paul Cassidy.

      Exeter & CCS are putting on 4 bitch classes and 4 dog classes for GSDs at their Open Show on the 19th June at Exeter Livestock Centre. The GSDs will be judged outside in a large ring. Please support this show as if they receive a good entry they will continue to put on 8 classes for GSDs. The schedule can be downloaded from our website and entries close the 13th May, and the judge, oh yes! That would be me.


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