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April 2006



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      Congratulations to owners Aimee and Janet Holland and breeder Carol McGregor on Lorr Etta from Shotaan gaining her third CC, BOB and Pastoral Group 2 at Crufts. Usually you have to watch the television screen very closely to get a glimpse of the BOB GSD in the pastoral group line up. This year it was good to see the GSD and her handler Stephen Cox in the final cut, and even better when they were pulled out in second place. Other Crufts placings under judge Tracy Wall, 2nd YD Green / Swift’s Monksley Amilo, 4th PGD Collins / Rambridge / Sygrove’s Tramella Arni, 5th PGD Irving’s Zuberg Kaiser, 4th LD Julian’s Zuberg Lyric JW, 7th OD Cullen’s Zenno vom Huhnegrab, 4th VD Hughes’s Gemsheen Jordan.. 3rd SJB Cullen’s Veneze Ali, 1st LB Davies Silverleigh Niamh, 4th OB Cullen’s Ch Inge v Messina, 2nd VB Hensley’s Voneche Sashka of Zuberg.

      I had a telephone call from Natalie Cooper to let me know that at the GSDC of Wales open show under judge Karen Johnstone, their Maxsamban Kooper at Leroaine was 3rd JD, and their Reliant Veilia at Leroaine was 4th SYB. At Torquay & District CS under judge Mr Terry Munro 1st GD/B & BOB & PG2 Reliant Veilia at Leroaine.

      Dave Edmunds bitch Millie ( Pepnick Half Penny ) has now qualified UDopen and his dog Spike ( Pepnick Hocus Pocus ) has qualified  CDex.

      Sue Elliott’s Enzo v Buchhorn daughter, Toilers Vera, has whelped three bitches and two dogs by Hill v Farbenspiel.

      We went to the West Yorks. Steve Cartwright Memorial Open Show. The rain held off until the end of judging. There were commemorative plates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class. Sparky has not been shown since February last year, and his usual handler Rob Davies has been out of action after an operation on his shoulder. He is on the mend, so they were together again for this show.  Under dog judge Stuart Lang 2nd PD Davies & Davies Silverleigh Estor. 1st PGD Hiscox’s Jaquenetta Bonneville. Under bitch judge Ray Sullivan 1st LB Davies Silverleigh Niamh.

      One Friday evening we received a telephone call from Graham Mabbutt. One of our puppy owners from Nottingham was training with him and did we want to go down to see her. We went to Graham’s the next day to watch her training. It seems the training club the owner was taking her to for basic obedience and socialising in his area was making her wary of people, as the trainers were rather rough in their handling of her. I am grateful that the owner had the good sense to realise that something was amiss in the way she was being trained and sought professional help.  Even if an owner has no plans to show or work their dog, a GSD breed club is a good place to socialise a puppy, alongside people who understand the GSD temperament and character.

      As we were not at the GSDC of Wales open show I e-mailed the exhibitors in the South West for their results, thank you to those who replied.  4th MPD Yates / Roxburgh’s Gollygobble Cucholan, 1st PB Ward’s Rustanville Electra del Belezra, 4th MPB Yates / Roxburgh’s Gollygobble Chica, 1st YB Aldridge’s Edser Elesian, 3rd LB Yates / Roxburgh’s Kalbeshan Willa at Gollygobble, 2nd OB Yates / Roxburgh’s Pinedo Qinqajou at Gollygobble

      I missed the television interview Ray wrote about, but I watched an interview between Graham Norton and Rachael Hunter when his show was on Channel Four. As it concerned our breed I wrote down what she said. She told him about ‘Argus my Alsatian, born in Germany, SchH3 trained, he’s a protection dog.’  I did not hear her say anything about an attack word in that conversation. She also told Graham that she used to have two wolves, 98% wolf, but had to part with them as the State she lived in did not allow her to keep them. There was an episode of Columbo that featured a Doberman that was trained to attack on a certain word regardless who uttered the word, and to cease on the saying of another certain word by anyone. The owner used the dog to murder people by getting them to say the attack word when they were on their own with the dog. He would telephone them and say the word in conversation and get them to repeat it. Columbo visited a dog training school as part of his investigation. A GSD was used to demonstrate to him how a dog could be calm and friendly, then on a certain command word attack, then stop the instant the cease word was used and be calm and friendly again. Eventually he found out the words the Doberman was trained to respond to, and arrested the owner for murder. Often people confuse fiction with fact.

      The Heads of the Valley GSD Club Championship show is on Saturday 24th June at Tonew Kennels, Magor. For schedules contact the secretary Margaret Davies  01443 412975, email Silverleigh@btinternet.com or they can be downloaded from our website www.jaquenetta.com .

      Thanks to Emma Hensley for letting me know Ann Swift of Monksley GSDs had a healthy baby boy, Ashton, on 23rd March weighing in at 7lb 5oz. Congratulations to Ann and all her family.

      Emma also emailed some more news. Zuberg GSD's has had its 2nd dog pass out to work the police force the 1st being Zuberg Fiasko (Apollo Von Dakota x Lyfame Saffron of Zuberg) who now works with Dyfed and Powys Police, the 2nd and most recent is Zuberg Noddy (Zenno v Huhnegrab x Gayvilles Zandra at Zuberg) he is patroling the Weymouth area for Dorset Police reports back from his handler are that he's a fantastic dog and hoping to go and start trials with him. While Mum and Dad where sunning themselves in Spain I had a phone call from Arden Grange Head quarters to say that I had won a years supply of dog food. I then remembered I had entered the draw at Crufts thinking I had no chance as thousands of people would enter and that we already feed our mob on Arden Grange so the phone call came as a bit of a shock but a nice one. So a thank you must go to Arden Grange and the team as the food arrived this week. This good luck followed a run of bad as Voneche Sashka of Zuberg overcame a twisted spleen after a lot of TLC and rest she was able to attend Crufts where she took 2nd in Veteran Bitch under Tracy Wall. Also if that wasn't enough our Antilli Millie 11yrs had a stroke and then a week later she had her 2nd torsion in 2 yrs as I’m a veterinary nurse I picked up her symptoms quickly and with the quick actions of the vet and no operations she has now made a full recovery and is still mad as ever.



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