Jaquenetta German Shepherd Dogs



A Poem for the Show Dog


I think that I shall never see

A dog as natural as a tree.

For in the ring, what show dog stands

That’s shown untouched by human hands?

A dog with ears erect and tall

That never needed tape at all.

A dog that gaits and doesn’t quit

Without the double handling bit.

A dog with perfect scissor bite

Untouched by dentist in the night.

A dog who stands on lead so loose

Without his owners’ “jingling” ruse.

A dog that’s truly black and tan

Without the aid of Clairol’s can.

A dog with tail that doesn’t hook

And wasn’t fixed by any crook.

Dog owners, please, this warning heed,

For show dogs aren’t a different breed.

Those little tricks that cover faults

Can’t cover progeny results!


Taken from The Shepherd Quarterly ( Spring )

Reprinted from “Fidelity” GSD Club of Queensland, Australia.


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