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Dates for General Ch Shows ( Pastoral Group ) are as given by the KC

Dates are subject to change at the KC discretion.


All we ask is for a fully marked up catalogue for posting your schedule.




GSDL - BRG Info updated from 03/11/2022


  Show Type CC Status   Schedule Show Date Entries KC Status / Judge
        Availability   Closing  
  Ch CC Manchester Dog Show Society Schedule
Entry Form
19/01/2023 07/12/2022 Judge
Mr J Stubbs
BRG Calendar Regional   Valentine Show Schedule
Entry Form
12/02/2023 27/01/2023 Judge
Rene Rudin
Ch CC Crufts 10/03/2023 Judge
Miss P A Roe
  Open   GSD Club of Scotland Schedule
Entry Form
25/03/2023 04/03/2023 Judge
Toby Green
  Ch CC Bolton & District GSD Club Schedule
Entry Form
Rules & Regs
02/04/2023 18/03/2023 Judge
Mr A Wade
  Ch CC Sheffield GSD Society   09/04/2023 21/03/2023 Judge
Ms S Hall
  Ch No CC Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales Schedule 15/04/2023 15/03/2023

  Ch CC South of Scotland GSD & ABTC   22/04/2023   Judge
Mrs J Knox
BRG Calendar Regional   Scottish Progressive GSD Group   23/04/2023    
  Ch CC WELKS Schedule
Entry Form
29/04/2023 21/03/2023 Judge
Miss J Wallis Baga
  Ch CC Birmingham Dog Show Society Schedule
Entry Form
04/05/2023 06/03/2023 Judge
Mrs P Hollings
  Ch CC SATS   07/05/2023   Judge
Miss J Binden
  Ch CC North Eastern GSD Club   14/05/2023    
  Ch CC Clyde Valley GSD Club   20/05/2023   Judge
Mrs C Eastwood
  Ch CC SKC Schedule
Entry Form
21/05/2023 28/03/2023 Judge
Mr D Clarke
BDG Calendar Regional   West Yorks GSD Club   27/05/2023    
  Ch CC Bath CS Schedule
Entry Form
27/05/2023 11/04/2023 Judge
Mr M W Robinson
  Ch CC Southern Counties CA   04/06/2023   Judge
Miss C Nolcini
  Ch CC Three Counties AS Schedule
Entry Form
08/06/2023 15/04/2023 Judge
Mr J T Smith
      British Sieger   10/11 June    
  Ch CC Border Union AS Schedule
Entry Form
18/06/2023 02/05/2023 Judge
Mr R G Wilkinson
  Ch CC BAGSD   24/06/2023   Judge
  Ch CC Blackpool & District CS Schedule
Entry Form
25/06/2023 08/05/2023 Judge
Mr L H Wilberg
  Ch CC Windsor DSS   30/06/2023   Judge
Mrs S J Binden
  Ch CC East of England Agricultural Soc   08/07/2023   Judge
Mr E Vorrias
  Ch CC National Working & Pastoral Breeds   15/07/2023   Judge
Mrs A L Maltas
  Ch CC Leeds City & District CA   22/07/2023    
BRG Calendar Regional   North West GSD Group   29/07/2023   Judge
Christian Lang
BRG Calendar Regional   Long Coat GSD Group of GB   30/07/2023   Judge
Carol Sykes
  Ch No CC Paignton & District Fanciers Ass   04/08/2023    
  Ch CC Heads of the Valley GSD Club   06/08/2023   Judge
Dr P Tran-Ngoc
  Open   Clyde Valley GSD Club   12/08/2023   Judge
  Ch No CC Bournemouth CA   13/08/2023    
  Open   South Western GSD Club   13/08/2023   Judge
Wendy Middleton
  Ch CC Welsh KC   20/08/2023   Judge
Mrs G C Chapman
  Ch CC GSD Club Of Scotland   26/08/2023   Judge
Mr M Kelly
  Ch CC GSD ( Alsatian ) Club of the UK   27/08/2023   Judge
Mrs A Ibbotson
  Ch CC South Yorkshire Alsatian Association   27/08/2023   Judge
Mr E A Webster
  Ch No CC Driffield Agricultural Society   27/08/2023    
  Ch CC City of Birmingham CA   02/09/2023   Judge
Mrs J M Miller
  Ch CC Richmond Dog Show Society   10/09/2023   Judge
Mrs J Peak
  Ch CC Fife GSD Club   16/09/2023   Judge
Mr P Rattigan
  Ch CC Darlington DSS   17/09/2023   Judge
Mr I Blackshaw
  Ch CC Belfast DSS   23/09/2023   Judge
Mr A Winfrow
  Ch No CC SKC   30/09/2023    
BRG Calendar Regional   BGSDTC   07/10/2923    
BRG Calendar Regional   Midland Region GSD Group   08/10/2023    
  Ch No CC South Wales Kennel Ass   15/10/2023    
  Ch No CC Midland Counties CS   28/10/2023    
  Ch No CC Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Scotland   04/11/2023    
  Ch CC LKA   10/12/2023   Judge
Mrs P Cullen








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