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Founder member of the World Union for German Shepherd Dog Clubs


BAGSD was founded by the late Frank Riego


THE ASSOCIATION, as it is now known, first came into being in 1933 with the title of the Birmingham and District Alsatian Club, with one of its founder members being our late president Frank Riego.

      Many well known personalities in the breed were involved at the start Ė to mention a few, Air Commodore Cecil Wright became the first president of the club and later Lt. Col. Baldwin became the second president.

      The first membersí sanction show took place on October 31st 1934. As membership increased and shows became more successful with entries coming from outside of Birmingham, it was felt the time had come to go further afield, and with permission from the Kennel Club the title was changed to the Midland Alsatian Association in 1937.

      During the Second World War there was little activity within the Association. When hostilities ceased in 1945 the membership stood at 300 and after a short time the North Birmingham branch was launched, this being the beginning of the obedience cult in Birmingham.


Going national

      The Associationís first championship show was held on May 5th 1946 and at this time the membership had grown to about 2,000 so it was agreed that the Association

Should go national, July 1946 it was granted the title of the British Alsatian Association by the Kennel Club.

      Branches were now being opened in all parts of the country, where obedience classes and ringcraft were held. The first interbranch contest was held in 1950 and is still one of the highlights of the Association today. The Association was the first to introduce third party insurance, and the first to run schools for instructors.

      In 1956 48 branches were registered for the first time with the Kennel Club, all of which may run open obedience shows. In 1957 we entered the field of working trials and held our first open working trial in 1961. By 1965 we had an independent working trials committee.

      The Association was invited to take part in the formation of the European Union of German Shepherd Dogs Clubs (EUSV) in 1968, of which we became a founder member. This later in 1974 became known as The World Union German Shepherd Dog Clubs.

      In the same year zoning came into force with each of the three areas, Midlands, South and North, having their own councils and being responsible to the executive committee.


Final name change

      In 1978 the name was once again changed to the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs, following the recognition by the Kennel Club of the change of name of our breed Alsatian (GSD) to its correct name of German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian). The Association is governed by the executive committee with members being elected from their respective zones, who are all dedicated to our magnificent breed.

      We are allocated one championship show, which is run by the executive committee, and two open shows for the breed and obedience, one being run by the north, and the other being  run by the south, organised by the respective councils.

      We have a very experienced trials committee who, this year, will organise five open trials plus three championship trials. Our schools for instructors are still very successful.

      This then has been a brief history over the last 50 years and with the help and support of our members we will be more successful in the years to come.



Originally printed in Dog World July 8th 1983



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